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How to Glam Up a Vintage Car for Your Wedding

Vintage cars are becoming increasingly popular as wedding cars, and this is because of their sleek and iconic status. These vehicles carry such priceless beauty, and you will not be able to resist its charm especially when it is used for such momentous events.

If you have opted to go for a vintage car rental in Singapore, then for sure you have been offered a lot of different classic cars to choose from. You then have the choice whether to use the car as is, or max out its features to make your celebration truly one of a kind.

But how do you make the most out of your wedding car? Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure the car matches your overall wedding motif
Vintage cars have their own character, but sometimes they become out of place when the overall motif of the party doesn’t match their already glamorous look. Thus, when choosing a classic car for your wedding, you either have to choose a model that suits your motif accordingly, or decorate the vehicle so that it would match your chosen wedding style.

Choosing adornments in the vintage car to match a motif is not really difficult. You may go with simple hints, such as flowers (make sure the flowers used in the car are the same ones in the motif), and the colour (you may go with ribbons representing the colour motif). You may also want to dress up your wedding car driver so that he too would represent the wedding’s style.

2. Use the car during photo shoots
One of the biggest uses of the vintage car is during photo and video shoots. Yes, if you want to max out the features of your fabulous vehicle, then you might as well feature it in your photos.

You may want to rent the vehicle in advance so that you can use it during a pre-nuptial photo shoot. This would serve as a hint that you are going to use the said car during your wedding, and as a conversation piece once your guests see your shots.

There are also same-day wedding photo shoots, where the bride and groom can have their photos taken right after the ceremony. Like in pre-nup photos, you can use the same car during the “same-day” shoot, especially if you’re going to hold it outdoors.

3. Flaunt the car
This is not common practice, but wouldn’t it be fun to roam around the city streets for the first time as a couple while on a classic vehicle? You may want to go for a city stroll before heading directly to the wedding party, and this is not merely to boast to the world that you are in a fabulous car. It is more about making a good memory as husband and wife, as it is not every day that you get to ride in such a vehicle, and yet you get to do just that on your very special day.

If your vintage car rental in Singapore also comes with a chauffeur, then ask whether you can do this too.

4. Let your guests experience the car too
Since vintage cars are conversation pieces, they are also perfect as backdrops for photo booths. And yes, photo booths have become a staple in every wedding celebration, and it’s a major no-no not to have one present.

What you can do here is to place your photo booth by the car, so that the guests get to have their photos taken with it. They can pose beside the car, pretend to ride or drive in it, whatever they like.

They can even pose with various props too. This makes it a truly memorable experience since you get to share what it’s like to be in such a classic vehicle with your guests.