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Are Heated Wiper Blades Safe?

There are a huge number of accessories that you can add to your vehicle.  Some will be purely cosmetic whilst others will provide a useful safety function or even a practical way to improve fuel efficiency.  However, every item you add to your vehicle will increase the load on your battery.  This can have two knock on effects:

The first of these is that your battery will drain too quickly and you will have insufficient power to start your car.  This is especially true if you have wired some of the extras incorrectly; it may be possible to leave them on even when you are not at the vehicle.  The result will be a flat battery when you need to jump in the car and go!  This issue can be avoided if you purchase items like heated wiper blades from reputable supplies like Crystal Clear.

The second issue that you may face when adding a multitude of gadgets to your vehicle is that they may operate at higher volts and higher temperatures which can result in a risk of fire.  To ensure this is not an issue you must consider the maximum loads you are placing on your battery and that the product is wired in correctly.

Heated Wiper Blades

An automatic heated wiper blade uses a module connected to your car battery to detect the temperature and turn on the wipers if the temperature drops to a certain setting.  The heated wiper blades will very quickly reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure all ice is removed from your windscreen, however, if paper or a similar product has been left touching the wiper than you can quickly have a fire on your hands.

Fortunately this is not generally an issue.  Most modern heated wiper blades have internal heating mechanisms and safety cut offs, although this is not a substitute for vigilance!

As with any type of technology, a heated wiper blade must be approved before it can be granted a license and sold to the general public.  These tests are designed to ensure these products are safe to be used on vehicles and will not result in fire risks.  B-y purchasing a product which is properly registered you will be assured of the safety of your vehicle and the people who travel in it.

The Material

The very latest heated wiper blades are made of silicone or high quality compressed rubber.  This allows the maximum of flexibility and ensures the wiper blade leaves a smear free screen every time.  This is aided by a graphite coating which ensures a smooth sweep across your screen.

It is also worth noting that all the best quality heated wiper blades have small sensors fitted inside the blades which monitor the outside temperature and the temperature of the blades.  If either becomes excess the monitor is capable of switching off the power to the heating element; leaving you with standard wipers.  These will still clear the screen of rain without risking any overloading to the car systems.