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The Exotic Italian Truffles For You

Italian Truffles are the best truffles and are the king of the culinary world. There are some major varieties and aspects of this edible mushroom with a nice aroma and flavor. It is the top gourmet delicacy you need to try at least once in your lifetime.
A truffle is a mushroom that grows underground and it is difficult to get. It is a kind of fungus that develops in the proximity of roots of the trees that are cumbersome to harvest as they can be found between five and thirty centimeter underneath the ground.
That is why they are harvested in the wild by trained dogs and hogs. Italian Truffles have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of many tree species such as oak birch, hornbeam and beech. They fruit all through the year and that relies on the species also. This implies that the spore producing portion of the truffle is completely dependent on the animals.
The word truffle is originated from the Latin word tuber and that means lump or swelling that became tufer later on and developed into different European words such as Italian word Tartufo. The black and white truffles can be found in Emilia, Piedmont, Romagna and Molise in Italy. Italian truffles may differ in shape and colour.
The main distinction does not rely on the age of the truffle and on the kind of soil where they grow. Colour may go from gray or white or brown and they also have shades of pink. They may have a wrinkled or a smooth surface that depends on the species.
It is formed by an outer layer and a pulp that is inside. There are varied species and mostly the genus Tuber family that are the finest delicacies to gourmets. They have classification due to their taste, smell and looks. They can be found in many regions all over the world.
They are known with their location name where they grow and not their technical name. Their value differs relying on their particular aromatic qualities and rarity. They are the most costly food in the entire world.
One rare type of truffle is the Tuber magnatum which is the Italian white or Piedmont truffle also known as White Diamond. It is popular for its great flavor and that hits the headlines when it is sold at an international auction for awesome prices. There are varied ranges of truffles from least to the finest.  
It has a regular shape with brownish or black skin with small warts than Tuber aestivum. The flesh is usually brown, gray brown and yellowish. Its smell is like phenol or bitumen and the taste is bitter and not that pleasant.
It develops in symbiosis with hornbeam, oak, beech, hazel and maple trees. It appears somewhat same to the black truffles but have a less aroma. It is not that precious. Winter truffles are small.
The main aspect that differentiates them from the genuine black truffles is the less intense aroma and lighter veins. Most of the varieties of the truffle are accessible at a similar time and for this a reliable truffle dealer is important.