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Make Funeral Services Simple with Eco-Friendly Coffins

The death of a loved one is a hugely stressful time, and the prospect of organising a funeral can be daunting and troubling. Even with a good funeral director, the weight of responsibility can feel heavy: attempting to second-guess how the deceased would want to have their funeral arranged, making sure arrangements are made to suit family and friends and taking care of both people and logistics along the way.

Simplifying Preparations

There are ways to make preparations simpler, however, and one way is by electing to have a simple eco-friendly coffin. These eco friendly coffins are increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, sustainability and 'green' choices are important for a growing number of people, and there is something lovely about choosing a coffin that will support the Earth rather than harming it over time. Secondly, eco friendly coffins are cost-effective, and this can be important to families who are dealing with a large number of funeral costs.

The Beauty of Eco-Coffins

Eco friendly coffins are also very beautiful, natural and lovely to look at. For many, they represent the cycle of life itself in a positive way and provide a happy focal point for the service. There is also a wide range of choices available, with flexible finishes to suit preferences and budget.

A Celebration

Eco-coffins are also a wonderful choice for funeral services which are designed to be a celebration of the deceased's life. This is a growing trend, as people gather to remember all that was memorable, treasured and loved about the departed. The nature of an eco-friendly coffin is instantly more positive, and it is physically lighter and brighter, creating a softer, more uplifting feel for the funeral service.

Customisation Options

These modern and sustainable coffins can also be customised with designs, photos and artwork that make them truly unique. Choose a cardboard or composite wood eco-coffin and you can have it decorated with high-quality imagery that creates a truly beautiful personalised coffin that honours the things that the deceased really loved, whether that's a family photo, a landscape, a pet or even a sports team. Simply let the funeral director know that you want a customised eco-coffin and the graphic design team will work with you to create the perfect finish.
Don't worry if you don't know what sort of image to choose. Some customers provide their own, but there is a vast bank of beautiful and inspiring stock images to pick from, and you can also commission the designer to come up with some options according to a theme as preferred. They will work entirely around you and make the process as simple as possible.

Further Customisation Options

Remember too that you can customise linings, handles and other elements of the coffin according to taste and the style of the funeral.

A Growing Trend - Here to Stay

The trend for eco-friendly coffins - and funerals - looks set to grow and become a firm feature of modern funeral services, remembering and honouring loved ones in a way that pays homage to the surrounding world and its cyclical nature.