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How To Choose The Right Nail For Your Purpose?

Nails have been an important part of the construction of homes and objects from years. Nothing can take their place as they are most convenient and affordable. Today, there are many types of nails available, which are preferred as per the weather conditions. Stainless steel nails are mostly used to avoid any rusting of the nails. Copper nails are also rust free but are costly than Stainless steel nails. Nail industries are being advanced day by day which is facilitating people to purchase them even online. 

If you are one of them who is confused about which type of nail to be used for any particular job, then here you will know about uses of each type of nails. After knowing the right use of these nails, it will be easy to choose the right nail for the required work. 

  1. Home improvement nails: The nails used for home improvement are mostly small and can be used by homeowners easily. Finish nails, brad nails, boxed nails, etc. falls under home improvement nails. From fixing of wooden objects to hanging decorative items on your home walls, short nails are used. Mostly wooden projects need finish nails to fix them but if you want to hang something on wall try to go for nails, which have rings on their shank. These partial ring shank nails offer good grip to the wall and offer space to hang things. You should choose the nail as per the load to be a beard.
  2. Masonry nails: Nails, which are heavy and large in size are particularly used for masonry purpose. The work includes fixing of bricks to wood perfectly. Masonry nails are mostly manufactured from iron due to its hardness and load bearing capacity. These nails are mainly manufactured to support construction work. 
  3. Ring shank nails: Ring shank nails are those nails, which contain ring structure on the full length of the shank. These rings are responsible for great grip between the surfaces. You can use a hammer or compress powered guns to fix the nails. These nails are also available with crew surface, which can be screwed to the fixing surface. These would look similar to the finish nails but can be easily differentiated from the ring, which is fully drawn on the shank. You can use these nails on the walls to hang lightweight items and when you need to remove can open it through screw opener 
  4. Large cap nails:There are certain jobs, which need cap nails like fixing thin metal sheets. Mostly people use plastic cap nails in the offices, which are the best example of large cap nails. These nails have short shank as compared to other nails. Therefore, people can identify them from their large caps which are of both plastic and metal.
Online fastening websites offer right nails as per their uses. You can also consult on the website about which type would fit the best and if needed, they can send the company person. Now, you are much informed about the uses of commonly used nails, so choose the right and fix up your project.