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Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Men often find themselves at a slight bit of a disadvantage when they decide to propose to their partners. There’s a considerable amount of pressure involved; after all, not only do you need to purchase an engagement ring that looks and feels good, but you also have to make a mental bet about whether your partner will say yes or no. Unfortunately for most men, they don’t do their research properly before heading out to buy new rings. The butterflies in your stomach as you enter the jewellery store and sheepishly share your love story with the salesperson will do little to help your case.
Despite what the salesperson has to say, it’s imperative that you do a bit of research before heading to the store. Salespeople are obviously going to try and sell you on the ring that earns the biggest commission. Of course, a knowledgeable individual will know his or her way around different rings and will explain to you the type of stone, the cut, the rarity and clarity of the stone, etc. The following initiation guide will serve as a starting point for those who want to learn more about different kinds of engagement rings.
The Stone
The most prominent feature of any engagement ring is the stone. There are many precious stones that you can choose from. The most popular gemstone is the diamond. The diamond has long been considered in different cultures to be a symbol of rarity and exclusivity. Its shiny rock-hard appearance and the manner in which the diamond reflects light makes it seem like a very beautiful addition on any ring. The prices of diamond engagement rings start from a few hundred pounds and can go well into the thousands. The price mainly depends upon the rarity, cut, colour, and carat weight of the diamond. It’s not really necessary that you go for a diamond either; many millennials now prefer buying engagement rings in Houston made with rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds as well.
The Frame
The gemstone is ideally mounted right on top of the engagement ring, or tiny gemstones might be encrusted along the side of the ring. Apart from the gemstone, you also need to think about the material used for the frame. Gold and white gold are popular choices. You can also choose a platinum frame for the ring. Obviously, the overall cost of the ring will vary depending upon the gemstone and the material used for the frame. Reputable diamond dealers across the globe often charge a premium for their rings.
The good thing about buying a new engagement ring is that there are plenty of different shops that you can check out first before deciding. There are many local jewellery shops that also sell engagement rings online. Of course, before placing an order for any ring, it’s important that you get an idea about your partner’s finger measurements. You can use an old ring that she wears to use as a reference.