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The specialties of Legacy Cinema

Legacy Cinema – a Greenfield, Indiana based movie show in which the fame spreads across the regions. Legacy Cinema Innovation LCI – 98 show movies years ago with custom framed screens and as per audience interest. More than just a cinema show, Legacy Cinema publishes newsletters on corporate level by the way it spreads the news on movies, upcoming shows, trend settings in movie shows, screen advancements, et al to add colorful feathers to its theatre crown.
Join Legacy Cinema

Legacy Cinema invites fun and enthralling minded people to join the entertainment floor to work with for great wages and free movies. They provide hotline numbers even to book the show tickets and also provide an open channel to share audience’s question and comments, in which they do reply back indeed. Moreover, for the audience handy user interface, there avails an app wherein any one can download and install in their smart phones to receive all the cinema information, show times, movie trailers, and much more at one finger tip. Alongside links and QR codes are also available in the website. 

Legacy Cinema App

Legacy Cinema Innovation LCI – 98 provides onscreen advertising in which reputed ad banners could be advertised as digital slide shows during intermissions and on the other side can place the ad banners on the website even. 

Legacy Cinema Gift Cards

Gift cards are actually one of the great ideas for gifting. Collect gift cards at the box office which can be then used for legacy cinema innovation LCI- 98 for tickets and concessions. The cards can be loaded initially for 5 dollars and can be re-loaded as increment for same 5 dollars. The cards have the rights of loyalty that accumulate points when every ticket gets purchased. The earned points help to receive many concessions and free gift items indeed.

Movies now

Movies now list comprises below appending cinemas at Legacy Cinema:

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life – On the concept of comedy, the movie runs behind a teenage artist and how he felt sick in his middle school with the rules & regulations, then how he broke the firms with the help of his friend. Lionsgate is the studio, the movie is of 92 minutes and directed by Steve Carr.

The Girl on the Train: A thriller movie produced by Dreamworks studio for 105 minutes, directed by Tate Taylor. The one line concept is that a young woman witnesses a murder on her way to work and get entangled in the investigation & finally she saves herself is the story.

Masterminds: A Surefire Entertainment Capital production, Jared Hess direction action movie for 94 minutes that the story goes around a night guard organizing a big bank heist in American history.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A 20th century fox production, Tim Burton’s direction, an adventure movie for 127 minutes story goes around a teenager gets transported to an island where he has to save a group of orphans with super powers from dangerous creatures.

Deepwater Horizon: A Peter Burg movie of action for 107 minutes. The story goes around a real incident happened on April 2010 on the deep water horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Magnificent Seven: An Antoine Fuqua direction movie for 132 minutes in which the one line concept is that a crew of seven gun men helps a poor village against thieves.

Storks: A Warner Bros, Pictures production of animated movie for 92 minutes in which the story nets behind a stork and its delivered babies.

Sully: A Clint Eastwood direction biography movie for 96 minutes. A drama based story grounded on a real incident in 2009 about a disabled plane glided by Sully – Sullenberger.

Bottom line

Legacy Cinema provides best of its movie shows that meet the audience expectation at supreme level.  Only thing is that the show timings could change which depend upon the convenience of all the aspects.