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How to Decide On the Best Accident Solicitor

Not all accident solicitors are created equal. Some are a lot more experienced than others, and some specialise in a very specific area of personal injury law. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, you should look out for experience and specialism first and foremost, to land a lawyer who has what it takes to process your claim successfully.

Case experience

Lawyers with significant case experience are worth their weight in gold. They know how to win cases that are challenging and they know every legal move to get a positive result for a client. For your claim, you should try to find a lawyer with plenty of experience.

The best place to find lawyers with experience is within larger, national law firms. New enquiries can be made with such law firms to find a lawyer with plenty of experience – in other words, it is your chose which lawyer represents you from a law firm. Simply ask for your case to be processed by somebody specialising in your kind of accident and injuries. 

Success rates

A success rate is a measurement of a lawyer’s ability to do their job. It is a percentage of the amount of cases a lawyer has won – and the higher the percentage the better. Anything above 80 per cent is considered excellent for a personal injury lawyer. 

The law firm

It is also important to consider the law firm that a lawyer works for. Why? Because while all lawyers read from the same book and work to the law, they operate within a law firm’s company policy and all companies have different policies. What you want is a law firm on your side that has good policy for customer service and communication, so that you receive acknowledgement whenever you have a question and are not left twiddling your thumbs.
Always ensure a lawyer’s legitimacy

Regardless of the reputation of a law firm, you should always check the legitimacy of the lawyer you are speaking to, so that you can be sure that your case is being processed by a personal qualified to do so. In England and Wales, all lawyers have to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and be on the Roll of Solicitors. You can check the Roll of Solicitors with a lawyer’s SRA ID number and their name.
Simply ask your lawyer for this information to check a lawyer’s legitimacy. 

All law firms in England and Wales must also be regulated by the SRA. You can check a law firm’s legitimacy through the SRA database. In addition to this, law firms should also be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to be legitimate in the United Kingdom.