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Why Silk Sarees Are The Most Expensive In The World

Nature is expensive. Way more expensive than we can actually measure in monetary terms. We get silk from silkworm. Silkworms are difficult to find and need to be killed to obtain the silk from them. Therefore, pure silk is expensive. The entire process of then converting the silk threads into clothes is even costlier. The queen of fibers, silk, is not so reputed just like that. There is a long and tiring process, and a lot of hands are at work behind each piece of the beautiful fiber’s clothing that you own.

Silkworms do not produce threads directly. The process of making a silk fiber involves many steps. The first step is called reeling. This is when the silk thread is extracted from the cocoon.  The silkworm is killed in the process of making a silk fiber. As reeling takes place, the thread is dried simultaneously. This raw silk is then reeled again onto a larger reel. Depending upon the requirement, one or two yarns are combined.

Silk is one of the smoothest fibers out there. It is strong and lustrous and gentle on the skin. It does not usually cause any type of reaction/allergy to the skin. Though silk is preferred to be worn in the cold season, it keeps you cool and dry in the hot season as well due to its moisture absorbing properties. Silk sarees have, for long, been worn by the royal. They are given as gifts and worn on special occasions like weddings. Brides, these days, prefer online saree shopping. The variety available online is much more. Also, all the brands are available at one place making it easier to compare the prices.

Ladies also buy rich silk dupatta online to add a glamorous look to their simple and subtle suits. Silk sarees make you look elegant yet smart. They never go out of fashion and are always pleasing to the eye because of their eloquence. Silk sarees have been a part of our Indian culture for a very long time. The sarees cost a fortune because they are hand-spun. Like all other hand-made items, the cost of sarees increases as the handwork done on them increases and here, we are talking about a whole saree being hand-spun. The sarees then are embroidered by hand or machine and depending on the designs the cost increases further. Different colors also vary in prices as silk needs to bedyed.

However, silk requires high maintenance. It has to be dry-cleaned and ironed from time to time. It is important to store it in a cool and dry environment to keep it from getting spoilt.  Apart from the saree making process being expensive, the machinery and tools required are also not cheap. Then there is the additional cost of labor. Thus, silk sarees are the most expensive sarees even in the world of online saree shopping. Once we know the hard work behind each saree, we cannot argue about the price. They are pricey for a reason, but it is all worth it.