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The Umpteen Benefits Of Using Bi-Folding Doors From Solarlux

There are umpteen benefits of using bi-folding doors while remodelling, renovating, or finishing your home’s interior space. These doors are available in scores of designs to effectively match any style. A bi-fold door is comprised of a set of panels that has two or more hinged sections that generally fold in pairs. The doors can be easily opened from either side for one existing pair, or fold on both sides for numerous pairs. Bi folding doors and other products from Solarlux is the best bet for your money because the doors are of the highest quality and feature ultra-modern designs and impeccable finishes.

Larger bi-fold doors are effectively used as barn doors, room dividers, as well as airplane hangar doors. They are generally hung from overhead tracks and usually suspended with the help of casters or rollers. The door’s innermost panel is equipped with a knob or a door-pull, which gives the user the ability to easily fold the door panels together.

Bi-folding doors solve the problem of supporting a large overhead door in commercial garages or airplane hangars, with a low threshold option that offers floor space that is unrestricted. Moreover, these doors can be easily hung in a series, making them ideal to serve as room dividers. The identical tracking that is used for sliding doors can be successfully incorporated into bi-fold doors.

A bi-fold door’s design gives its panels the ability to fold on themselves, without altering the suspended rollers’ or casters’ orientation. Because the tracks and casters are subjected to unusual stresses from the closing and opening action, bigger and heavier bi-fold doors are generally equipped with pivot floor tracks in order to add structural stability and prevent the panels from swinging.

There are diverse types of bi-folding doors presently available in the market. Some of these doors can be availed with a V-groove panel, flat panel, raised panel, or even as glass French doors. The louvered bi-fold doors are extremely popular. These doors are generally used for laundry rooms and closets where ventilation is needed.

Though bi-fold doors do not serve to secure things as a front door does, they can be utilised across the home as interior shutters, thereby replacing curtains. This is not only a perfect solution for individuals with dust allergies, but is also an effective way to achieve more privacy upon closure. Moreover, when thrown open, they flood the space with light.

Other in-demand bi-fold doors are mirror-panelled ones. They are generally found in the bathroom and bedroom. Mirrored bi-folds may function as full-body mirrors, making them extremely popular to use in the wardrobe area of your home. Supremely effective for smaller spaces, mirrored bi-folds offer the illusion of possessing a larger space upon closure, yet allowing maximum usage of space when opened when it comes to residential apartments or hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, doors are being manufactured to be extremely energy efficient and attractive, simultaneously. Thermally-broken aluminium bi-folding doors are now being exclusively designed to permit maximum air flow through an opening. It is no wonder that the breathtaking bi folding doors and other products from Solarlux offer a slim-line design, weather-proof feature, and virtually zero maintenance, besides their space-saving features.