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Riding First-Generation Used BMW X1

First generation BMW X1 has always been a rage among the luxury car drivers. However, the price makes some leave the dream for a more affordable one. However, this dream can be realised if they go for used version of the luxury car as they can buy it at a fraction of its original price. This is the reason why popularity of used BMW cars in Delhi is becoming so high. At second-hand prices you will still be able to realise your dream car, which comes with efficient engines and excellent reliability. You may find the latest BMW model to be more attractive and spacious, the X1 model delivers amazing driving experience, coupled with upmarket SUV image.

How it all started?

It was in December 2009 that the first generation BMW X1 having 2.0-litre diesel engines was released in the UK market. It came with three power outputs. While the 18d produced 143bhp, the 20d and 23d produced 177bhp and 204bhp respectively. The latter one comes with four-wheel drive. Choice can be made out of the two other models having rear and four-wheel-drives. Two cars – SE as well as M Sport – joined the league in the beginning of January 2011. The luxury car drivers who look for greater economy found the right option when BMW rolled out 163bhp xDrive20d Efficient Dynamics version in the later part of 2011. One of the major additions in case of xDrive20d Efficient Dynamics is the CO2 emissions, which is just 119 grams per kilometer.
In the following year, the X1 range received a facelift. The interiors of the luxury car was improved the exterior styling tweaked. Two new levels were also introduced such as xLine trim as well as New Sport. Most importantly, an 8-speed automatic gearbox was also introduced. It was the 218bhp xDrive25d that replaced xDrive23d. During the same time, power was also increased in xDrive 20d to 184bhp. In March 2013, a new entry level model in the diesel version was introduced. In fact, new 2.0-litre petrol engine was also selected. In the cars, 4x4 xDrive and rear-wheel-drive sDrive can be chosen.

Which used BMW car to buy for Delhi Roads?

Most of the used BMW cars in Delhi, especially the X1s, come with 2.0-litre diesel engine fitting. The petrol versions are not that popular on ground. However, the petrol version can be purchased if high mileages are not covered on an annual basis.

It must be said from a real world use-perspective that 16d model is significantly less powerful than most other models. If you are looking for a more decent model, you can go for 18d because the compromise made here is decent. If the need is to strike a balance between power and economy, 20d is the one you should be buying. If you want to live in the fast lanes, any one of the excellent motorway cruisers – 23d or 25d – should be the choice.