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Ways to increase testosterone to build bigger muscles

Testosterone is a hormone produced by testicles and is often associated with paradigm of ‘manhood’. It plays a very important role in male sexuality and has a great impact on factors such as – reproductive function, hair growth, muscle mass etc. It also plays a role in maintaining bone density and sense of well-being. A broad array of chemical exposures like statins has negative impact on the production of testosterone in men. At the same time, due to wide exposure to estrogen mimicking compounds in food and environment, estrogen levels tend to increase.
Many men are concerned more about their weight and looks, than any other thing. Testosterone plays an important role in building strong muscles. If you are a body builder and want to build strong muscles, you should consider increasing the levels of testosterone in your body. The most commonly preferred anabolic supplement is testosterone. Though it is available in many forms such as oral solutions, injections, transdermal creams, transdermal tachesetc, it is important to note that testosterone is beneficial in injectable form.

There are a number of ways to increase testosterone. Some of the methods are natural and are very beneficial for those who want to get ripped in less time. Below are some of the best ways to increase testosterone to build bigger muscles.

Eat fat and boost testosterone

Dietary fat plays a very significant role in optimizing production of testosterone. Gone are the days when people used to associated fats and carbohydrates with heart diseases. It is not recognized as sure ways to increase the levels of estrogen and testosterone in human body. It was found that diets that are higher in unsaturated and mono-saturated fats have shown to increase testosterone levels significantly.

Avoid long workouts

People who want to increase testosterone levels should avoid long workouts. If you are engaging in lengthy workouts with excessive endurance exercise, it may likely have impact on testosterone levels. Additionally, it has been found in research that a shorter rest period will elicit higher hormonal responses. In order to maximize testosterone response, keep the rest periods short and workout time to be less than 60 minutes.

Testosterone supplements

If you are experiencing symptoms such as decreased energy, depressed mood, difficulty in concentration, then you should have tested the levels of testosterone in your body. The testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day and you will need to get it tested across different time intervals. There are a number of natural and synthetic testosterone products in the market that help in producing different vital hormones including testosterone and estrogen in body.

You can even opt for testosterone replacement therapy. The most common type of testosterone includes oral lozenges, transdermal gels etc. Injectable forms of testosterone are more beneficial compared to transdermal and oral forms of testosterone.  It is often difficult for body to receive all the testosterone with oral forms of testosterone.

By following the above tips, you can increase testosterone levels in your body and build muscles effectively.