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Types of Accident Advice Helplines Available in The UK

If you have been injured in an accident, then it is important that you receive high quality legal advice following your accident. There are several ways to get free legal advice, with one of the most popular methods being through accident advice helplines.

Helplines are a great way to get claims advice following an accident. Below, you will discover what you need to know about the different types of accident helplines available in the UK, to help you decide who to call and where to invest your time. 

Helplines operated by law firms

These are the highest quality helplines because they are operated by law firms, and as such they have experienced claims advisors at the other end.

However, not all helplines operated by law firms are created equal. You should always try to find a helpline that offers advice for free and without obligation. You should also try to find a helpline that lets you seek advice without having to hand over your details.

One such helpline for accidents can be found at Accident Advice Helpline; their helpline is staffed by experienced and compassionate claims advisors, and claims advice is offered for free and without obligation to anybody who needs advice following a personal injury.

Helplines operated by charities

These helplines are a good alternative for general information – however because they are not operated by law firms, they cannot provide individual legal advice.

If you want to find out more about your consumer rights following a personal injury or you want to know where you stand legally, then helplines of this type are a good option. The best way to find them is to go through Citizens Advice. Citizens advice is a network of 166 charities in the United Kingdom. They can put you in touch with somebody who can inform you about your legal rights without obligation and usually for free too.

Getting sound legal advice

In addition to calling a helpline operated by a law firm or charity, you could set up a consultation with a law firm. Law firms usually offer the first consultation for free and they usually last 20 minutes to 45 minutes. At an initial consultation, the facts surrounding your case will be established and legal advice will be provided to you.

You can choose a local law firm or a national law firm. With regards to this, what we would say is that national law firms usually offer the highest quality legal service. Why? Because they invariably have access to the best solicitors and they usually have the most robust customer care policies in place, to support their clients throughout the claims process.