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How to Know If She is the One?

The fact that marriage is a bond that seals your fate with one girl that you will have to share your entire life with freaks some men out. It is really hard to think that you must be living all your life with one person. But, how do you know if she is the right person? There are many signs to tell that you have met your soul mate. The signs may not be very obvious, but if you look deeper and think intently, you will know who the right girl for you is.

For now, here are some handy tips to know if she is your soul mate -

Shared passion -

If you both have interests and hobbies that are similar, then you are going to rock it together. It is tough for two people to be together and not have same interests. It is not that all your interests should match, because that is practically impossible. But, having at least one or two similar passions will burn the ice and let you have a good time with each other's company.

Shared belief -

In order to live under one roof, it is necessary to have similar beliefs and expectations from life. One person cannot believe in hatred and another in peace. You need to have a similar mindset about society, religion, morals and life.

Respect -

If you respect her like you respect your mother, then you probably like her. A wife is the second important woman in a man's life after his mother. So, if he can treat her with the same integrity and reverence, then she must mean something to him.

Acceptance -

Is she a fixer? Does she have the knack of solving problems and stopping fights? Is she calm and composed and never gets stirred even when you are showing your worst face. Has she seen your cruel face and still understands and loves you like before? Does she accept you the way you are? Then she is the one without doubt. All women can love you at your best. But, only the real one will love you at your worst, so know if she likes you for what you really are.

Among all the Punjabi rishtey that you have got, choose the one that will make you happy. Go for the girl who you like instantly and feel attracted the same way even after knowing all about her.