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Head over to Punjab and gorge on its top signature dishes

No one can say no to good food, and if you are a foodie living in India, you cannot simply pass on a trip to Punjab and taste everything the city has to offer! This article talks about the top signature dishes of the state.
Of all the things Punjab is popular for, its food and culinary scene is one thing that stands out from the rest. The rich succulent meat dishes to the spicy paneers grilling on the skewers, you will be blessed with an abundance of good food and good company while in Punjab. Almost all parts of Punjab serves the same kind of food although you may find a little variation or twist in some parts, however, the base and authenticity of the signature dish remains solid. A trip to Punjab is usually started or ended in Chandigarh. If this is your last stop, you can choose to travel by the Chandigarh to Delhi flights or simply travel by road, which will take you a mere 4 hour journey. So, without further ado, here are the top signature dishes you have to try in Punjab!

Butter chicken
No Punjabi cuisine can be defined without giving a mention to the timeless ‘butter chicken’. Made with heap loads of butter cooked in various spices and yogurt, the chicken used in making this dish is first marinated overnight in a mixture of spices and yogurt and grilled. The grilled meat is then added to the sauce or gravy cooked with pretty much the same spices and generous amounts of butter. Needless to say, it is garnished with a dollop of butter, and some fresh cilantro.

Not to be confused with the famous street food Chole-Bhature, this dish is a heavily spiced, thick and semi gravied dish of chick pea. Although Chole-Bhature also has the key component of chickpea, the style of cooking and the spices used are entirely different. It is also served along with a big puffy poori. Chole is a main dish for the vegetarians. There are two types - Amritsari and Peshwari. Amritsari is the real deal with a thick semi-gravy, like it should be. Peshawari style is completely dry.

This is probably the most common and ordinary thing you can hope for in Punjab. Paranthas are a staple in almost every meal but apart from usual paranthas, the ones you find here comes in various, shapes and types. Everything from plain paranthas to gobi (cabbage) to aloo (potatoes) paranthas can be found here. You can even get non-vegetarian paranthas! These paranthas are usually made in ghee (clarified butter) and is available in every nook and corner of the state.

Amritsari fish
One of the most popular dishes in the state, the Amritsari dish as the name suggests is a fish dish which originated from Amritsar and can be found in almost every non-veg restaurants or dhabas in Punjab. Coated with a special crispy batter and deep fried in oil, the coating helps keep the fish succulent and juicy inside.

One of the favorite vegetarian dish popular all over the world, sarsonkasaag is a dish made of mustard leaves. Some people add spinach mistaking mustard leaves for spinach, and this happens mostly with amateur home cooks who look up the recipe online and the person who put up the recipe is unknown of the fact that ‘sarson’ is called mustard leaves in english and puts it down as spinach. The best part about the dish is the slight bitterness you get of the mustard leaves at the same time a hint of fresh mustard.

So there you have it, some of the most popular signature dishes from Punjab that you cannot to try while on your trip to the place where it all started!