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Get a Rewarding and Lucrative Career by Becoming a Commercial Pilot

The job of a commercial pilot is fashionable, thrilling, and highly rewarding. But in order to become one, you cannot simply submit a CV and anticipate that someone will call back with a job offer. The entire procedure is quite lengthy and requires patience and dedication. Pointless to say, you need to be thoughtful and dedicated. Toil hard and follow the footsteps of Rick Bucklew to become an airline pilot. Throughout the career Mr. Bucklew, a commercial airline pilot has worked for four major commercial airliners. He currently flies the Airbus A320s and A319s nationally and globally with an average of seventy flight hours a month. Previously on Boeing 727s and DC-10s he was a flight engineer. At two aircraft flight schools he also served as an instructor.

Listed below are the tips on how to become an airline pilot:

  • To fly a major US airline, a four year college degree is required. A Bachelor degree in Science with a stress in aviation is preferred.
  • Look for flight schools with Federal Aviation Administration or FAA to begin working on the private pilot certificate.
  • From a Federal Aviation Administration medical examiner acquire a first class medical certificate.
  • The next step is to receive the private pilot license by working on the instrument assessment and commercial certificate.
  • Begin working at a flight school by completing CFT rating or certified flight instructor. In order to qualify for FAA license, candidates must be no less than eighteen years and have as a minimum two hundred fifty hours of flight practice.
  • The candidate should work on CFII or certified flight instructor instrument, multi-engine, and MEI or multi-engine instructor rating.
  • Get hired by regional airlines with 1500 hours of flight time and right ratings. With 3,000 hours flight time experience, one can work for a major airline.
  • Go for Navy and Marine pilots, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard training as they offer flight training.
  • Start as a flight instructor or take projects with air-taxi companies or charter planes or work as flight engineers with the airlines to gain experience.
With these simple tips, one can become a successful commercial airline pilot like Rick Bucklew.

Mr. Bucklew worked in three inspection Marine teams and later on turned into an Army and Navy reservist. He further went on to become a part of the12th Special Forces Group and 1st Special Warfare Group SEAL Team. He worked as a federal flight deck officer whose work in case of hijacking was to protect the cockpit.

Besides his profession in aviation industry and the Marines, Rick Bucklew is a martial arts devotee who meticulously studied the Japanese art of Shito Ryu and Shorin Tyu. In the Korean Tang Soo Do he also earned a black belt. He has also received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States Barack Obama in the year 2016. 

Thus, to get a rewarding and lucrative career follow the footsteps of Mr. Bucklew!