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Benefits of Having Ute Roof Racks

You may have noticed them, since they have been with us since the first horse-pulled stage coaches, and have helped many to carry loads of baggage. Whether it is for professional use or just for leisure, ute roof racks are of great value to you.

By loading some light but bulky cargo on your roof, you free up space for passengers, or for other cargo that could be more delicate and that you don’t want to expose to the elements while you drive.

What is there to learn about ute roof racks so that you can make a wise decision?


If you’re looking for a ute roof rack for recreational purposes—whether you travel carrying a roof box, or you like sports like skiing, biking or a kayaking—you may want to look for one that has a bar that is aerodynamic. Its configuration may vary. Depending on what you carry, you may only need two bars across or you may need a whole basket-like platform sitting on the bars that can be fitted with a steel mesh floor to help you carry some additional items. You can also find mounting accessories to help you secure the most awkward items that you want to carry.

Bare in mind, though, that if you have a 4x4 you might be interested in looking for a set of heavy duty ute roof racks. Why? Because usually they are made to be compatible with other 4x4 accessories, while aerodynamic roof racks are usually not compatible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ute roof racks for your work, you obviously need a heavy duty one. You may be interested in ute roof racks that are open on both ends and can carry longer articles like timber, ladders, tubes, or whatever you need!


Here are some things to take into consideration.

Make sure you contrast the load you want to carry with the manufacturers’ Load Rating—that is the capacity to carry things on the roof rack without it being dangerous to drive about. Also, make sure that the dimensions of the load suit the ute roof racks.

Some will say that ute roof racks increase fuel consumption and also make your car noisier. That is true, but still the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. To tackle those problems, some ute roof racks feature a wind deflector to make them more aerodynamic and to reduce the wind noise they make too.

There are many renowned brands to choose from: Propack, Rhino-Rack, Rola, Thule, Yakima, or Whispbar to mention a few. Depending on the brand you can also purchase fitted bags that protect the roof racks and the cargo from humidity and dust, and even a Jerry Cans holder, to secure them if you carry them on your rack.

In conclusion, ute roof racks are a great accessory to make your driving more enjoyable. They de-clutter the interior of the cabin, optimise the space and allow you to carry more things.