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The Profession of a Crime Investigator

Law enforcement bodies have existed since the conception of society to maintain the status quo, to protect citizens from criminals and keep leaders in power. Going back to Biblical times, there were military personnel who maintained order and peace in the country. For example, in Egypt, soldiers chased the Israelites across the Red Sea and a pharaoh ruled the land. There were other societies as well with military hierarchies such as the Syrian, the Babylonian and the Palestinian societies, among few others. The most relevant of all military organizations was that of the Roman Empire. They had a very brutal and effective form of law enforcement that they utilized to maintain order and peace. 

Over 15 years of professional experience in criminal and private investigations, Adam Quirk is a criminal justice professional who has won many awards and has provided various services like security management, regulatory compliance, background checks and investigating violent crimes, such as kidnappings, bank robberies and dangerous fugitives.

Crime investigators spend most of their work hours processing, assessing and packaging collected evidence from crime scenes. They are involved with conferences and briefings with police departments and they also photograph autopsies. When they are not performing these works, they are maintaining equipment, teaching classes, preparing reports and testifying in a court of law. Their responsibilities can be very diverse and complex when working in investigators jobs. They are the skilled professionals who are responsible for evaluating the crime scene. 

They must use different types of equipment for securing, cultivating and packaging the evidence that is found. Reports are formed and written with precise details of all the activities and observations that take place in any criminal activity, which are later given to the law enforcement officials or police department who are in charge of the investigation. They might be asked to testify in a court of law regarding the details of criminal activities that were performed at the crime investigation.

Adam Quirk also provided service for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the role of a Special Agent. While working for the FBI, Adam executed warrants, investigated complex and multi-jurisdictional violent crimes, conducted thousands of interrogations and interviews throughout the U.S. Adam specialized in dangerous fugitive recoveries, credit and bank union robbery investigations, kidnappings and car-jacking’s. 

Adam also has experience in the identification of unknown deceased individuals using biometrics technology and cold case homicide investigations. Adam was highly trained in call detail record analysis, cellular phone tracking and radio frequency technology while working for the FBI. For this reason, Adam was qualified to testify in federal and state court as a cellular technology expert.  Adam also traveled throughout the U.S. instructing state, local and federal law enforcement officers on the use of radio frequency and cellular phones during criminal investigations.  

Other requirements for jobs of crime investigator include seizure and search procedures, demonstration and knowledge of investigative techniques and understanding the department's specific policies and practices in regard to their understanding and position of their state's laws and regulations relevant to their job. They must also be skilled in anatomy, chemistry, forensics and science. All crime investigators must have a driver's license and are required to carry a firearm.