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Shades of Terrorist Attack on the Heart of a Growing Nation

The word terrorism is no more new, and no more does it bring a sense of fear within. With multiple terrorist attacks happening all over the globe, each and every nation keeps them prepared for it and makes sure that their resistant force is strong enough to fight it out. While focusing on the Middle East, where the majority is being rules by the Islamic population, this terrorism holds a new meaning all together. There have been multiple columns being written, films being made, dramas being staged- bit there has been a difference in the essence that each of them portrayed.
Ahmed Nashaat, the social activist of the 21st century has noticed a very important factor, and the question that he has come up with is much more alarming. How can the word ‘terrorism’ be so easily applied to the individuals or groups that make homemade bombs than the nations and powerful organization that use nuclear and other modern weapons to ensure that they can easily make their opponents submit to their feet? The dimension of the term terrorism has changed completely, and now it bears more of a post colonial burden with it. Focusing on Israel’s attack on Palestine, and especially Gaza, a small city in the heart of Palestine, it has been found that the term Jihad gets so easily associated with them. While Jihad gets associated with the word synonym, what actually gets done is demeaning the term to mere death. Jihad was completely a different concept enriched with the thoughts of struggling and being patient in the times of hardship.

But things have already been derogatory, and the concept of Jihad has been associated with terrorism now. In doing so, multiple lives get shed, and numerous stories get scripted beneath them. All those who face these so called terrorist strikes- the families, the students, the diplomats, authors, painters, all have their own versions of the story. And studying these various stories have always been the prime motif of the social activists.
While asking one of the students of these strikes, he believes that Hamas is a movement that defends their Palestinian right, and he sees it as a potential defense. And most importantly he believes that Islamic jihad is an extension of their Hamas, with the prime focus to liberate the Palestine from being occupied. An interesting trait is being noticed in his replies- where the stark nationalism took over all the rest. Being the youth of a nation, living with freedom has always been his prime focus, and there’s no compromise with it.
Ahmed Nashaat believes that this is where two different roles are being played by a terrorist attack. On one hand it destroys the entire nation ripping it apart, on the other hand it allows a nation to grow strong, unite together and grow as one. There might be some conflicts in thought, but all such conflicts are erased with the sense of nationalism. That supersedes everything and wins over all the dilemmas that crepe in such movements.