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Keep your Office free from Bacteria and Viruses with Air Hygiene Maintenance

Sick-office syndrome is recognised as a reality for many of today's device-filled, stuffy offices, and the consequences can be disastrous, affecting the bottom line heavily as staff take excess sick days and report feeling unwell and unproductive on the job.


A Common State of Affairs

The fact is that today's offices can be extremely unhealthy, even with stringent health and safety rules. Take a look around even the most artfully designed working space, and you'll immediately see potential hot spots. A huge amount of electrical equipment across each desk, keyboards which are rarely cleaned, work stations where staff regularly eat and drink, windows which aren't open, air-conditioning units which are infrequently cleaned, poor lighting, kitchens with minimal hygiene standards, bins which aren't frequently emptied - the list goes on.

What Causes It?

Indoor environments often mean that air flow and temperature are controlled via ventilation and heating systems rather than by open windows. This means that allergens, bacteria and unwanted particles can build up and become problematic, affecting how well the plant works and leading to health issues. Problems with sick-building syndrome can include dizziness, nausea, irritation of eyes, throat and nose and a feeling of lethargy. If your staff are mysteriously going off sick or seem to be under par at work, you could have found the problem.

Solutions to the Problem

First of all, look at ventilation. Improving air quality can be a matter of opening windows, improving the air conditioning and looking at humidifiers or even ionisers to make the office a healthier space. Adding office plants is also a good move, as they breathe in carbon dioxide and some pollutants and expel oxygen, effectively cleaning the environment. There are plenty of plants that work well for offices and serviced providers who know all about office greenery for improving air quality.

Bringing in the Professionals

It is well worth calling in the specialists to look at your air-conditioning unit and current air level health. They will be able to clean it, advise if any upgrades are needed and carry out a full office health assessment. These specialists will provide management services for your air quality, including servicing and ongoing management, at levels which are compliant and which support a safe and efficient working environment. Services from professionals include biocidal treatment, kitchen extractor cleaning, air treatment, mechanical cleaning, indoor air quality monitoring and more.

Other Measures

Cleaning an office can go a long way to restoring its health and generally uncluttering it. Clutter and rubbish sap energy and waste time, so encourage staff to adopt a clear-desk policy, improve storage and implement a paper-free office as far as you can.

So don't ignore signs that your office is rapidly becoming unhealthy. If productivity and energy levels are low, if morale is dropping and if staff sickness is rising, then it's time to get serious about creating a healthier office and a healthier, better-performing business as a result. Your bottom line will thank you - not to mention your staff and customers.