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Hearts Card Game Online

If you love card games, then you’ll definitely love Hearts. Also known as Black Lady, Slippery Anne, and Black Maria, this game has been a classic one for decades. Hearts is a trick-taking game.


Hearts is usually played with four players. Thirteen cards will be dealt to every player. However, when only three people are playing, the 2 of diamonds is removed and every player will receive seventeen cards. If there are five players, the 2 of clubs and the 2 of diamonds are both removed and every player will receive 10 cards. Online games will usually only permit four players to play in a game, however if they allow more, they will usually sort the cards automatically so you don’t have to worry. 

Some online games will put you playing against bots. This means that they are not real people. If you would like more of a competitive game, you should choose a higher difficulty or choose an online Hearts game that allows you to play against real people. 

How To Play

If you play trick-taking games, you should be familiar with how Hearts is played. The responsibility of leading the first trick goes to the player who is to the left of the card dealer. On online games, a random player may be selected to start off the trick. After this, every player (in a clockwise motion) plays a card from their hand. 

Each player must follow suit – this means that they must play a card that is of the same suit as the card that is the lead. If they can’t, they can choose to play any card. 

The player who played the card with the highest value of the led suit is the winner. They win the trick and all of the penalty points that are included. This player then proceeds to be the lead player for the subsequent trick and the game goes on until every player has exhausted their hands. 

Advanced Tips & Strategies

Creating a void is a good idea if you do it early on. You should get rid of all of the cards that are in a single suit. What this means for you is that on the next time there is a led suit, you can immediately get rid of the card that will disadvantage you the most. This will put you in a very advantageous position. 

You should always try to avoid getting hearts because they are bad cards. If you have high hearts, you need to get rid of them as soon as you can and give them to someone else. Definitely do not lead hearts. This is a very bad move. Having low hearts can be okay because you can go under a hearts lead, but definitely do not keep high hearts.

Another good tip to keep you on your feet is to count how many of each suit has been played at any given point. This is quite easy to do and will help you keep track of others’ voids.