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Exercise and Swimming during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most exciting phase in the life of a woman. An expecting mother takes every bit of care to ensure her child arrives safe and healthy into this World. There is no denying the fact that pregnancy can be a sensitive time too, requiring you to take special care of yourself along with a lot of precautions. Now, if you are a swimmer and if you are simply in love with the sport, it is obvious for you to ponder over whether you need to remove swimming during this precious 9 months of your life or not. The good news is that there are no restrictions on swimming during pregnancy. In fact, swimming is highly recommended for pregnant women because unlike other exercises, swimming is light on your body and has minimum level of stress on both mother and baby.

It is important to know of the few tricks of swimming during pregnancy during your pregnancy to ensure you and your little one are safe. If you are receiving swimming lessons in Peoria, AZ, it is necessary that you consult your instructor throughout every step. Let us look into a few essential strategies, worth following.

Always Stay Hydrated–Swimming on a regular basis requires you to follow a diet regime, which includes consuming a lot of water. When you are pregnant, there is a natural increase in your body weight. Now, with a heavier body, you can tend to get exhausted very easily. To make up for this, you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Swim any Stroke You Want–Unlike the common misconceptions revolving around which type of stroke needs to be avoided during this crucial stage, you can actually practice any stroke during pregnancy. Taking turns in the waters is also not restricted provided that you feel comfortable and are being safe when doing so. Remember that accommodating or positioning your growing belly is not a problem in the water; unlike practicing most other sports during pregnancy. So, swim to your heart’s content! 

Avoid Diving– With a little one on the way, it is better to avoid diving into the pool. This type of motion causes your body jerk vigorously, creating chances of shock and possible injury to your babyunborn. It is recommended to move cautiously and use the stairs upon entering  the pool.

Perform Mild Exercises–Swimmers are required to practice certain workouts to improve their strength and stay fit. However, these extensive exercises should be avoided during pregnancy, though the mild ones can be practiced for retaining your natural flexibility.

Your doctor’s advice along with these helpful tips can let you enjoy both swimming and pregnancy to its fullest. Studies show that women who practiced swimming during pregnancy gave birth to healthy babies without complications. In fact, they were free from common negative after effects of childbirth like lethargy or uncontrollable weight gain. So, get yourself ready and make the most of your pregnancy by staying active in the water.