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Different Types and Purpose Anabolic-Androgenic for Performance Enhancement

Most of the people can use the steroids for plenty of purpose. The sports athletes, body builders and some of the women can use the steroids to build the muscles to increase the sports performances, reduce weight and some of the other type of purpose. There are different types of steroids available in the online and also for the medicals. The steroids are the drugs, but this can be good for the health. You can buy the steroids in online and pharmacies. The chemical structure of the steroid is the ring structure. The sex hormones are highly secreted for using the steroids. This will help to increase the performance in the all the works like sports, bodybuilding and other purpose. The androgenic steroids highly secrete some of the important hormones like Corticosteroids, Progestogens and an Estrogens and Androgens. These are the important hormones in the androgenic steroids. 

Different Types of Steroids:
 In you can use the steroids; the steroids can produce the 5 types of hormones in the body like Sex hormones, Cortico steroids, bile acid or Bile salts, Mineralocorticoids and Sterols. The guide to Anabolic-Androgenic steroids explain all the information about the steroids. 
  • Sex Hormones: This kind of hormones helps to increase the female and male sexual characteristics and increase the performances in the sex. 
  • Corticosteroids: this hormone helps to develop the immune power in the body and also reduce the stress. 
  • Mineralocorticoids: the Mineralocorticoids hormones maintain the sodium and potassium range in the body.  
  • Bile Acid or Bile Salts: this type of hormones only performs the digestion process in the body. This cannot perform any other type of work in the body.  
  • Sterols: the main and essential hormone is the body. The main purpose of this steroid is to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. This can help to produce the Vitamin D and to construct the cell wall.
Different Types ofthe Anabolic Steroids forthe Performance Enhancement 

The Androgen is the highly used steroid and this can be otherwise called as the anabolic steroids. This can be one of the types of drugs. Most of the professional athletes can use this steroid to increase the size of the muscle, speed, strength and performances in the sports. There are several advantages available for using the anabolic steroids. The anabolic steroids are used for the gym, body builders and some of the other people for plenty of purpose. Most of the women can use this steroid to reduce the weight and to get the slim look. The guides to Anabolic-Androgenic steroids help to get dosage level and side effect of the steroids. The main purpose of the steroid is to burn the fat and to increase the strength in the body. The low dosage level is suitable for the people. The high dosage level can cause some of the side effects in the body. You can use the steroids with doctor prescription; this can be safe for the people. The six weeks are the limited time to use the steroids. You cannot use the steroids above six weeks; this cannot be good for the health.