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CKGS – A Committed Outsourcing Service Provider

Founded in 2008, Cox & Kings Global Services is internationally recognized as a major outsourcing partner for Diplomatic Missions all over the world. The community which is a part of highly distinguished travel solution provider company Cox and Kings; initiated their new endeavor to work as an outsourcing enterprise for the Diplomatic Missions in regard to processing of Visa, Passport or other documents for people travelling overseas. Needless to say, whereas processing of all these vital documents are quite comprehensive and also demands high standard of security and protection of visa and passport holders database, CKGS has successfully established its great competence in this regard to the missions. 

CKL, the traditional travel specialist enterprise is also operating in numerous areas and having its operation all across the world. The company is famous organizer for corporate travels, international trade fairs, leisure travels, visa and passport processing and distribution other than foreign exchange. Having been outfitted with extremely structured service systems, processing and marketing Cox & Kings has earned great reputation and fame all through the world. Being an outsourcing enterprise for Diplomatic Missions, CKGS has effectively proved its proficiency to deal with the oceanic activities concerning Passport and Visa Processing services with the right pace, security and consistency to all missions. 

Cox & Kings Global Services is now prepared with the most innovative mechanisms BIOMETRIC solutions which makes the entire process flawless, secured and authentic. As one can get digital photographs through Biometric solutions, it is also possible to get finger prints out of this which can be preserved in accordance with the ISO methods. Interestingly, it has kept no provision to store these data in any other local media or systems. Naturally, the process becomes protected, and furthermore the complete collection process of biometric data is kept recorded in highly advanced cameras. CKGS, the committed solution provider to all missions helps the official of the diplomatic missions to view the details through live demo.  

Apart from this, in order to offer electronically controlled and stored documentation services to the global missions. CKGS has also launched electronic preservation system in order to store database in different locations well protected. All database storage is maintained by well trained employees who index them and store them in the systems. This can be further retrieved by the particular departments of missions. In order to offer the finest class documentation and data storage systems, Cox & Kings Global or CKGS is now ready with innovative mechanisms and technologies that include imaging, digital asset organization and data storage management. All services in connection with the storage systems are done as per instructions and guidelines of the diplomatic missions.