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Call Forwarding Makes Everything Simpler

Many a times a person may not be willing to talk to someone or to answer their call. In that case one can forward those incoming calls to some other person with the help of call forwarding feature. People are using this feature a lot these days. Most of the business companies are flourishing with this feature as one may be at any place, he or she can talk to their clients on phone with the help of this call forwarding feature. One needs not worry about anything in the presence of call forwarding. A person can go on vacations with his family and can manage all the work over there as well with the help of call forwarding and he may even divert the calls to other people, so that they can attend the calls. 

Most of the people do not have any idea as to how can they actually forward the calls. For this, one should go to the settings option in their phone. Then find the call divert option. There are in total four options for call diverting and one can choose any one out of them for forwarding there calls. This feature is very unique and helps to solve a lot of problems of the individual. There is also a facility that one can switch between the four options very easily as and when needed. It totally depends upon the person who wants to forward the calls. Now let us understand the four options which could be used for the purpose of call forwarding. 
They are as follows:-

  1. No reply
    This is the first and the most important of all. As the name suggests, in this option there is some specific time for which the phone would ring. One can increase our decrease the time as per their wish and will. After the passage of that time, the call would be automatically forwarded to the mentioned number as nobody answered to it before.
  2. Direct forwarding
    This is the second option which one can opt for. All the calls are immediately forwarded to the allotted number. The phone does not ring at all in this call forwarding method. Many a times, people are busy with some work and they do not want any sort of inconvenience in between their tasks. This is when this direct method is used for the main purpose of how to forward calls. A person may be busy watching movie, is in some important meeting, on a holiday with their family or some other work. Then they can immediately forward their calls.
  3. Busy
    If a person is busy on the phone with some other person, then those calls can easily be forwarded to some other person with the help of call forwarding.
  4. Out of coverage area
A person may be somewhere out of the city for his or her personal work. At that time the phone is generally indicated as not reachable or out of coverage area. One can forward the calls at this point of time.

One must keep this thing in mind that all the calls which are local are forwarded for the same price and no extra amount is charged for them. It may a landline call or a mobile number; all the rates would be same for everyone.