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Top Reasons to Buy Land Rover LR2

Crossover SUV's are rapidly becoming a favourite among car owners, and manufacturers are quick to capitalize on this change. Of the various crossover patterned utility cars, Land Rover LR2, being the first to join this class of vehicles, is the most popular. Its dual-purpose feature of off road supremacy and urban panache are definite scoring points. 

Here are a few top reasons to buy Land Rover LR2:

Top-notch features

Six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift option, standard All-Wheel Drive, high power engine and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS are features that make the crossover SUV a powerful performer. 

High on convenience

Fog lights, auto headlamps, LED tail lamps, dual zone climate control, and rear parking sensors offer convenience at its best. For driver and passenger comfort, the vehicle has leather upholstery and steering wheel, seven-inch touch screen, power control for front seats, Meridian sound with 11 speakers and panoramic sunroof. Reputed sites such as help consumers avail the best deals on new and used LR2 vehicles with the vast range of selection they possess.

Terrain Response

Of the various technologies in the LR2, the most significant is its Terrain Response, which helps adapt the response of the transmission, engine, AWD system, stability, and suspension and descent control design to match with the type of terrain the vehicle passes through. 

This responsive feature increases drivability and maximizes traction, while ensuring high-level comfort. While driving, you need to just select one of the four driving conditions using the rotary knob and optimize all the systems to suit the terrain. The four options include general, grass/gravel/snow, mud and ruts, and sand. General is for most of the on road situations, while the second option is apt for slippery roads.

Smart engine

The engine in Land Rover LR2 is lighter at 40 kg and has high fuel efficiency features such as direct fuel injection with high pressure, variable timing for valve, and the dynamic IPSM (Intelligent Power System Management) which helps in smart and regenerative charging. The IPSM technology enables reduced parasitic drag making the battery recharge only on deceleration. This saves kinetic energy, which is normally wasted by absorbing power from the vehicle’s engine.

Passenger comfort

The cabin dimensions in Land Rover LR2 are quite compact, while providing adequate space for seating five people comfortably in upright position. The Command Driving Position or high seating level helps easy manoeuvring via trails and traffic. The Stadium Seating in the second row is even higher, affording passengers a high-level visibility. The big windows, airy ambience, and panoramic sunroof add to the comfort level considerably.

Classy appearance

The Land Rover LR2 is an entry-level crossover vehicle that maintains the classy svelte look Land Rover is known for. The square clamshell shaped bonnet, nicely rounded corners and edges help retain its workhorse look, while making it appear elegant. The workhorse appearance is enhanced by the huge wheel arches and sturdy headlamps.

With so much to contend with on performance, features, convenience, and fuel efficiency, the Land Rover LR2 is certainly a vehicle to reckon with in the crossover SUV segment.