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Sign Up With The Team App And Make Your Sports Life Organized

If you are interested in sports or if you are an athlete then Thapos is the one of the top solution for you. Thapos is a free app for athletes. This app will greatly help you have a competitive advantage. Several athletes and sportsman can efficiently manage their sports life with the use of this app. You can create team account and maintain a log of all the players and their individual performances. Thapos will help you with the following things:
Advantages of Thapos
·         Improve the performance in the matches
·         Maintain a report card and log of each player’s performance
·         Provide you with great skills of the sport
·         Tips on how to maintain your fitness.
You can sign up as a team and then create a profile of your team that contains the details of all the team members, their performance and sports achievements so far. It also serves as a social networking platform for the payers and they can share their interests, view points and day to day updates with the other fellow players.

Track Performance
It comes as a free team app as well where in you can check how the team has been performing lately. Also for budding sportsman, it allows the coaches and the parents of the athletes to log in to the account of their athlete. With this, it also becomes easy for your coach, whether it’s your professional coach or your parents to keep a detailed track of how you have been doing all this while in the game. It is a revolutionary turn by merging the technology with the athlete’s performance so that their performance can be monitored and tracked. With this, a new enthusiasm has cropped over, in today’s youth who are very tech savvy.
Show Achievements To A Wider Audience
You can also create your own team website and then link it to Thapos, so that more people get to know about your team and its achievements. Irrespective of which sport you are playing, you can log in and create your account as a team. You can start by creating team profile or individual profiles as well. There are many budding players who have started to log in at school level so that their sport career gets well managed and tracked. It comes with the exact tools that you would need to have a fair competitive edge over the other players in the same sport. The team app will help you enable to login and create your profile as a team and effectively manage our schedule and athletic performance all over.