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Need For ITR Compliance in Protecting Technical Data Security

Protecting data within the organization and then sending them for export requires compliance with the export rules and regulations. In these days, import-export business has become one of the complicated things. Though technical advancements have progressed bringing lots of changes in the export business, complexities are crawling its way too.

Crimes and treachery are frequent and exporters are facing lots of problems when by chance the products are accessed by the illegal business entities. It is one of the greatest duties of the exporters to screen the export parties, end-users, freight forwarders, consumers so that no illegal circumstances occur in the export channel.

Technical data is one of the most important things that are exported in these days. Such confidential data are totally restricted to one particular nation or one particular business. Illegal access to such data can be a threat to the exporters. In such cases, ITAR compliance plays a major role in protecting from illegal access.

ITAR regulations should be followed while exporting technical data, defense items, and arms. Due to an advancement of technology, manual screening has been shifted to software applications. Here are some of the practices that can be followed to protect data with ITAR regulations.


The ITAR specific secured policy is the main foundation of the technical data security practices and strategies. The policies are not the check boxes that can be delivered on time; they are changed according to the priorities of the business. Policy strategy often includes physical and network security. Your business should have a plan for the best situation and a plan for the worst situation.

The tested incident response plan is considered to be very critical. In the process of the breach, the good response program can make a great difference between the speedy recovery processes and also go out from the business on the permanent basis. The policies and strategies should be checked manually to avoid complexities. In the earlier times, process checking was possible with the help of manual means but now business is taking help of export software for staying compliant with export rules and regulations.


It is one of the important aspects of trade. The products, mainly those are coming under the USML has to be classified. Prior to the export, each of the exporting items should be given the ECCN number or the classification number. Not all the data are equal as per importance. The process of data classification is very important to avoid successful data leakage prevention implementation. Before, the data get leaked it is very important to classify them under public use, private, confidential or top secret use.

Apart from export classification and following of ITAR regulations, business entities have to perform party screening to classify the export parties under sanctioned and denied party lists. Companies as Intredex offer web-based solutions for exporters to stay compliant with export regulations.