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Lyme Disease and Denied Disability

Dan Thompson was a 34 year old accountant at a large, well-respected company. Dan enjoyed his work. He was very good at preparing financial statements and tax returns for his clients. He worked well with his colleagues, and they were comfortable asking him for help and advice when they needed it.

While Dan enjoyed working as an accountant, certain times of the year were more stressful than others. After these busy seasons, Dan liked nothing better than to go camping with his friends and explore the great outdoors. Two years ago, Dan and a few of his friends had gone camping  in one of Ontario’s great National Parks. They hiked, biked, built campfires, and gazed at the stars. Dan had a great time and could not wait to start planning the next trip with his friends.

Shortly after the trip, Dan realized something was wrong. He felt very fatigued and had body aches. At first, he thought he might have the flu. His ongoing fatigue and frequent headaches made it hard for him to complete his work on time. Then, a few weeks after the trip he found a rash on his leg. Dan was worried and decided he had to go see his doctor. After months of uncertainty and ruling out certain possibilities, the doctor mentioned that Dan may have Lyme disease; more tests were ordered.

Since Dan was not able to perform at work, he put in a claim through his company’s group benefits. Dan had stopped working but his symptoms were still not improving. His claim was denied because he had never received a firm diagnosis, and because the insurance company said “it could be environmental.” Dan decided that he had the funds to go see a specialist in the U.S., to try and get a clear diagnosis. He was relieved when the American Specialist told him that it was Lyme disease. He sent the updated medical report to the insurance company feeling sure that this would change their minds. However the insurance company still denied Dan’s claim. Dan felt that it was all over, there was nothing left he could do.

One day, Dan was feeling awful. He was extremely nauseated and was vomiting. While sitting in bed watching TV, he saw a commercial for a law firm focusing only on long term disability claims. Since he had nothing to lose, he decided to take a chance and call Share Lawyers.

Dan called and came in for a free consultation. Share Lawyers took his case. Dan was relieved to have found a team of lawyers who had experience helping clients who have Lyme disease. For the first time he was told that even without a Canadian diagnosis, his symptoms were (and are) real. Share Lawyers then supported Dan by getting additional medical reports detailing his symptoms. His lawyers kept him informed throughout the entire process and answered his questions as they came up. The claims process was successful and Dan got the benefits that would help him through this difficult condition. Thanks to Share Lawyers, Dan is now able to focus on his health and managing his symptoms.