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Know About the Pebble: The Jungle Lounge

Although there are several venues in Bangalore that the young crowd can go for having a grand party, but it is Pebble that is considered being the very best. It is regarded to be the city’s open secret for the party animals here, who love to party all night long throughout the week hanging out with friends and strangers. 

It is also among the city’s biggest venues, offering party goers a fabulous chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and to get re-energized completely. It is said to have a Goa type of feeling surrounding it boasting of having a fabulous outdoor section, often being termed to be the venue for conducting promotional nights and themes of different types.

Its inception
It was in the year 2004 that Pebble was established in the Palace Grounds’ leafy corner, with an objective of making it a real haven for people seeking respite and relaxation from the pop remix monotony that has flooded the mainstream clubs. 

This place is promoted and owned by a family which has a big passion for music. They have  been successful enough to make this place the second home for budding DJ’s and artists who are eager to innovate and rediscover themselves, have their medley blended with regards to electronic dance music and be inspired by the world’s clubbing hotspots, thereby developing cultural fusion which is still prevailing. 

Salient features
What one can enjoy here is diversity within the musical line-up, right from progressively uplifting trance to mellow minimal house, vibrantly Psychedelic trance, addictive electro- tech house, thumping drums n’bass to iconic musical styles that has been defined by the festival of ‘I Love Music’. Global resident DJs are said to call Pebble their second home and are invited often for having their brand of magic to be mixed throughout the country. 

It is this particular combination of knowledgeable party crowd  with superlative music  that is said to rub shoulders with the musical community’s colorful icons. It has really inspired several popular DJ’s like the Temple One, Infected Mushroom, Raja Ram and Shiva Joerg to have their tracks spun at this venue.

The right place for every one
Pebbles Bangalore is undoubtedly a wonderful venue that has everything for everyone right from the occasional clubber to the music fanatics, those who are searching for something and some place to chill out. Moreover, its ambience has been deliberately offbeat and casual, which reflects in the absence of bouncers, dressiness and party poopers. 

When it comes to providing amenities to the guests, it boasts of having comfortably placed low slung divans and bean bags, helping them to chill out and relax thoroughly between the frenzied dance bouts and consume  good food and tandoori  delights and make most of their time, which is crafted lovingly by Ayesha Ali. ‘The Volcano’ bar does offer fabulous refills for helping to induce ecstasy when dancing on the floor. 

In short, this is a place that is just loved by party hoppers and frequented at all times, thereby increasing its popularity and demand.