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Intelligent Call Routing

Since a very long time, the call routing procedure has been automated and is being conducted by machines. The procedure involves directing the calls to a concerned agent. The calls are diverted according to their categories and the agent which it concerns. It depends on the information that the caller is asking for or is calling to tell the agent about. The process of call routing is used in all places where there are a large number of people calling at one time to ask for information, to a particular place, about a particular topic. It could also be a general helpline of sorts. The CIT or the Computer Telephony Integration system has engines which make routing easier and allows users to immediately to set their routing standards or guidelines. The call routing system is called the Automatic Call Distributor or the ACD. These days, cloud system is also being used for routing calls. If call routing system is used intelligently, it can have many benefits for the particular company in many ways. The best routing methods like the cloud routing system can be used for best results and easy handling techniques.
Benefits of Intelligent Routing
  • It can help save time for the clients as well as the agents and help them proceed faster in their own work.
  • It can also help the company and even the client save money, if directed to the right agent quickly, causing no confusion for the agent as well as the client, thus providing user friendly systems.
  • Having User friendly systems helps in gaining more customers by giving them a good experience, thus increasing revenue earned by the company.
  • A routing system where the customer who has been in contact with the company earlier and has used their services before is given higher priority is beneficial in the long term increase in revenue and preserving the old clients. Less calls are transferred to the voice mail when the call routing system is used, thus helping in losing less calls. The old clients will be answered to earlier than the others in this case, thus giving them an advantage over the other customers who aren’t using the services provided by that company as regularly as the old clients.
  • In case of regular callers, the idea of the call being routed directly to the agent that the caller spoke to on the previous day would be very helpful for the agent as well as customer. It will help in saving time as well as maintaining a good relation with the client.
All this is done based on the information that the company gets from the caller ID or the information that the caller giver on the phone via the voice mail or to the agent itself and is further directed to the agent in charge for the concerned topic of conversation or doubt, depending on the cause of the call. We hope that the users have a good experience and are satisfied with the service provided to them by the routing systems that are being used.