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Important Post-Swim Exercises You Must Know About

So, you have been swimming for quite some time now and also completely enjoying being in the cool waters of the pool. As a swimmer, you must have realized the importance of staying fit because swimming requires a lot of strength and stamina that can be achieved only through regular exercises and workouts. Just as swimming itself is an amazing exercise that works wonders in offering you with a healthy life in the long run, it demands significant effort on your part too. Almost all swimmers practice a set of exercises that are recommended by the swim experts but very few realize the importance of post-swim exercises and stretches that are equally beneficial. In fact, the habit of practicing post-swim stretches goes a long way in improving your overall potential and performance as a swimmer. The stretches loosen up your muscles and prepare them optimally for the upcoming swim sessions. While it is best to be guided by a professional trainer when it comes to selecting the post-swim stretches that suit your body type and stamina, here is a list of some of the most essential and significant post-swim workouts.

The Streamline Stretch

Streamline stretches can be performed by either lying down or standing up straight. The stretch helps your shoulders and upper back in relaxing as well as getting rejuvenated. The stretch is important because both the shoulders and the upper back are heavily engaged during swimming. Performing a streamline stretch is easy. You need to lift the arms over the head and place the right hand on top of the left one to get the streamline position that you maintain while swimming. Now, keep pushing up through the shoulders and back to reach higher using these two parts of your body.

If you are not too tired after the swim, try for an additional stretch by leaning your torso and arms and hold this position for 15 seconds. This workout will aid in tightening your muscles, thereby, helping you gain greater flexibility while performing wall turns or flip turns.

The Hamstring Stretch

The Hamstring Stretch is basically meant for your legs that play an extremely crucial role in helping you keep afloat while you swim. While you use your upper body to pull your forward, it is your legs that make you propel ahead and swim straight at the same time. Now, stretching your hamstrings while standing requires you to slightly kick your right leg and rest on the right heel. Alternatively, bend into the stretch with the left leg and place your hands on the hips. For a deeper stretch, sit deeper and hold on to the position for a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds.

Shoulder Savior

As the name suggests, the shoulder savior is a stretch that is solely committed to making your shoulders relax and gain more strength with time. If you have been receiving Chandler swimming lessons for quite some time now, you must have heard and felt that the shoulders undergo the maximum pressure when you swim. It is for this reason that most swimmers, especially in their initial stages of learning swimming, develop the common problem called Swimmer’s Shoulders. The shoulder savior workout can help you stay away from such problems right from the beginning. Performing this stretch requires you to reach the right arm across your chest and grab the right elbow with the left hand. Now, just feel the depth of the stretch and keep pulling the arm across the chest. Hold on for at least 30 seconds before you repeat the stretch.

The above-mentioned post-swim exercises are meant to develop your abilities by providing each of your muscles as well as your overall body with both rest as well as the required strength. However, it is always best to consult both your swim expert as well as your workout trainer before choosing the exercises for yourself. The body type and muscle fitness level of each swimmer vary and therefore, a professional will be the best person to understand the type of workouts that will turn out to be best-suited for you. Let the workouts bring you immense benefits and never cause any negative effect whatsoever.