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Five Drills to Perfect Your Swimming Technique

Swimming is a wonderful activity to keep your body fit and strong. It tones your muscles and regulates blood circulation. However, to perform better and increase efficiency you often need patience and practice. You must keep in mind that swimming is a technique based sport therefore if you are not able to improve your performance after putting in all your strength and power then its time you tried a new approach to your training.  

To master the technique the first and foremost idea should be to reduce the water’s resistance. Apart from that incorporating various swimming drills in your practice is also important in mastering a stroke. Such drills focus on the pull, recovery and reducing water resistance.  They can be a part of your warm-up or cooldown. Doing them consistently will help you focus on particular areas of your stroke, develop good muscle memory and increase your strength.

Swimming Drills that help you perform better 

Although there are various swimming drills that concentrate on specific areas of a stroke, below are a few basic ones that will help to increase your overall swimming efficiency:

Single Arm Drill: Single arm drill requires you to keep one arm in front while you stroke with the other arm. You are able to work on all the elements required to master the stroke technique, including the pull, recovery, the kick and the appropriate timing of your breath. The best way to keep your stroke balanced is by isolating each side of the body. Your focus should be on keeping a consistent narrow kick during the entire drill for better lift and propulsion. It is one of the best drills to identify your weaknesses in your stroke technique. If you spend a few laps alternating arms you will be able to achieve a smooth stroke.

Side Kick: Working on your kick while training gives you the advantage of using your legs strategically so as to swim faster and overtake your opponents during a race. You can work on this aspect by either keeping one arm hyperextended in front or with both arms on your side while maintaining a constant kick to move forward. You can rotate your head to breathe. This will allow you to develop the strength of your legs, stay balanced in water and improve the ability to breathe on your side. 

Tarzan drill: The Tarzan drill is a minor modification to a speed drill. While performing this swimming drill you will have to keep your head high and straight above the water. Do not let it fall on the side or below the water surface. Ideal for open water swimming it trains you for Triathlons that include open-water swimming. It strengthens the kick along with the back and neck muscles. It is recommended to perform this drill for short distances combined with freestyle sets.

Sculling Drill: Perfect to improve the feel for the water and increase forearm strength, the freestyle swimming sculling drill is essential while working on your swimming efficiency. You need to be on your stomach with your arms stretched out while placing your palms together with thumbs up. Now rotate your hands so that your thumbs are facing down while moving them outward and pushing the water out. Then rotate your hands to thumbs up while pushing the water back in. Your face should be below the water surface while performing the drill and should be raised to breathe while kicking.

Hyper Kick Drill: Practicing the Hyper Kick Drill strengthen the kick, neck and shoulder muscles while keeping the body line horizontal. Keep your arms hyperextended in the front with your hands locked while the head above the water surface. To maintain a horizontal body position you will have to keep a fast and narrow kicking motion. It is best to perform this drill for short distances to avoid undue strain on your neck and back.

These above-mentioned drills improve your swimming efficiency while building the body strength and help you work on your technique.  There are various swimming schools that have expert trainers to assist the learners in working on their technique and efficiency so that they are able to improve with time. One of my friends recently enrolled her son into sugar land swim school even though he is very young. If trained from an early age, children are able to master the various swimming techniques easily.

Summary: Swimming efficiency can be increased with a few essentials drills. They help the swimmer to increase their body strength and master their stroke technique.