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Fat addition is also a part of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery does not always involve removal of fat only. It also deals with addition of fat. Yes, we are talking about the Brazilian butt lift. This is one of the body contouring procedures undertaken at Sono Bello clinics that have earned a place of its own in plastic surgery procedures.  This is a typical butt augmentation procedure that can make women look more sensuous and shapely.  Buttocks can look more prominent and youthful that many women would prefer.  The procedure that uses your own body fat has become popular among people of all ages. Those who have asymmetrical, flat or sagging buttocks or whose buttocks shape has undergone alteration for some reason find the procedure very effective.

Gathering information
Going through the Sono Bello reviews will help you to gather more information about the experience of people at the clinics.  The reviews are real life experiences of people who have availed the services of Sono Bello clinics. It is very important to get the Brazilian butt lift procedure performed at reputed clinics like Sono Bello, as they have the most experienced and skillful surgeons to perform the job to your complete satisfaction. The results will be long lasting and you get the best value for money.

Technique is important
Since augmentation of buttocks is the objective, body fat removed from other areas of your body that has deposition of excess fat is grafted and infused into the buttocks to make it shapely and inflated. The procedure is heavily dependent on the technique that is used and the skill and expertise of the surgeon performing it is also crucial for its success. How you can know that you have gone to the right place can be ascertained by checking a few aspects about the credentials of the surgeon as well as knowing the details about the procedure from them. 

3 step procedure
There are different steps in the process of butt augmentation surgery.  It begins with removal of fat that involves liposuction followed by fat processing which is finally injected into the buttocks. 

·         Liposuction –A long slender tube known as the cannula is the main fat removal tool that is used by surgeons. The cannula is inserted into the area of the body from where fat has to be removed.  The thinner the cannula is and smaller is the size of the hole at its tip, smoother will be the process of fat removal with minimum scarring. Low suction pressure and slow fat removal ensure that the fat cells remain intact.

·         Processing of fat – In order to separate dead cells and debris from the collected fat, it is centrifuged at low gravity.  This ensures that the fat that is injected into the buttocks comprises o good cells only that lasts long.

·         Re-injecting fat – Small droplets of fat are re-injected by using a thin cannula that ensures its longevity.
The Sono Bello reviews will add to your confidence for choosing Sono Bello for any plastic surgery that you want to undergo.