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Why do chocolates make the perfect gift?

We know, since almost time immemorial (well, since from when we started to select what to gift others), that chocolates make the perfect gift. There are a few odd one outs who do not love chocolates, but truly they are very few in number. Whenever there is an occasion we begin racking our heads immediately about what to gift our loved ones.

The easy solution that comes to our mind is- chocolates! These make the perfect accompaniments to other gifts and can be gifted as independent gifts as well. It is easy to send chocolates by post, as well. In this global world, where everything is just a click away, they make the natural choice for a gift. But have you ever wondered why chocolates make the perfect gift?

Chocolate craving explained

People crave for chocolates. This craving is a natural and biological phenomenon. It is not about a simple liking for these devilish treats. There is biological reason behind that. Imagine you are watching your favourite team playing a cricket match. Just when things were looking bad, right in the last over, our team turns around and wins the match! What do you feel? You will an exhilaration and joy, don’t you? Do you know why you experience this? A chemical called dopamine is produced in your brain when you participate in any enjoyable activity or have a pleasant elating experience.

The moment you take a bite of chocolate, the human system becomes stimulated in such a way that dopamine is secreted in the brain. This is because contents of a chocolate have a compound called theobromine. This helps in the production of dopamine, which in turn gives you an enjoyable feel and thus one ends up craving for more chocolates. This is why whenever one is upset, they are asked by friends and family to have a few chocolates.

However, one needs to have a control over these cravings or it might result in an addiction which can give rise to various health issues like obesity.

Chocolate and its meaning as a gift

Now that we have a fair idea about the science behind why people crave for chocolates, let us try and understand what chocolate symbolizes as a gift. First and foremost, a gift chocolate says that you care. Chocolates are considered to one of the primary markers of affection. No Valentine’s Day is ever complete without a chocolate.

If your loved ones or your partner loves chocolates then just a small bar of these delicious delights can bring a smile on their face. There are various types of chocolates and each chocolate type stands for a different meaning. They are bound to bring a smile on your loved ones face (provided they are not diet) when you send chocolates online to surprise them with a gift when you are not near them.

Chocolates stand for love, care and affection and thus it serves as an ideal gift for anybody, in any kind of relationship- a father can gift his daughter a chocolate while a wife can also gift her husband a box of his favourite chocolates! Chocolates have and always will be the perfect gifts since both biologically as well as symbolically chocolates themselves gift one with a feeling of enjoyment and love.