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Mastering the preparation to ace the Engineering Examinations

Come the new year, the tension amongst the aspiring engineering students starts increasing gradually with the passage of time. Because just after three to four months after the new year, come the numerous entrance exams that will decide the fates of the scores of 12th students all across India. Aspiring doctors and engineering students alike will be neck deep in preparation and revisions. One look at them and the juniors start dreading the exam season that they soon will face, come the next year. 

Worry not, because any exam can be cracked with right amount of determination, perseverance and hard work, but most importantly of all is time management. There is no such thing as too much, because no time is enough to ever be completely prepared. 

When you say engineering exams, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the IIT JEE exams. It is one of the most prestigious entrance exams, that almost all aspiring engineering students take all over the country. The JEE exams are conducted in two phases, the mains and the advanced exam. Everyone can take up the JEE mains exam but only a select few of those who clear the mains are allowed to take up the JEE Advanced exams.The JEE exams help students get admissions into top elite engineering colleges all across the country. The key to success in cracking the JEE rests solely on your ability to manage time. 

Not just the JEE, there are many other entrance exams that one can take up and can be chosen according to your requirements. Choose an engineering entrance exams that will best suit your capabilities and capacity. By choosing an entrance exam correctly, you are ensuring your successful admission into the university of your choice.

You need to become a master of preparation if you ever wish to ace the entrance examination race. Here are a few pointers on just how to do exactly that-

Ø  Plan practically. - Be critical about your own capabilities and capacity, estimate how much you know and recognize how much more you need to study. Being practical about your own abilities is must in formulating a effective study plan. Setting too much of a high goal will only put more pressure on you than that already exists, to meet that goal. Where as setting too low a score will only undermine your true potential. Carefully recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Allocate the time available to prepare optimally for the entrance exam, VIT slot booking.
Ø  Be thorough with your syllabus.- Never ever skip topics when preparing for an engineering entrance exam. The topics in the exam are usually same as the topics one studies during the 11th and 12th standard, which makes it all the more easier for the students to prepare because its the same topics they would have studied for their final exams. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus and allocate your time appropriately. Knowing your syllabus will help you plan a better study table.
Ø  IIT Coaching.- Find out more information about the best IIT coaching in India and find out if its available in proximity to where you stay. Joining a IIT JEE coaching will not only ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the JEE but for the many other engineering entrance exam as well.
Ø  Mock Tests- Mock tests are one of the most integral part of any kind of preparation. You need to take as many mock tests as you can. They help in assessing one’s preparedness and also the understanding of each and every topic in the examination’s syllabus specified. The mock tests help you get a better understanding of how good your preparation is and helps you in tracking your progress clearly. Mock tests must be taken at every step of your preparation, as much as possible. Mock tests act as a indicator of your strengths and weaknesses and help you concentrate better accordingly. The best coaching for IIT is to take up as many mock tests as you can.