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Le-Vel: Cloud Infrastructure, a Key Factor Behind Success of Direct Seller

One of the greatest challenges that any direct sales companies will face is direct overhead expenses. Items such as utilities, rent and other overhead costs can rapidly deplete cash reserves, leaving behind precious little for what should always be the highest priority for any venture: developing and manufacturing superior products that deliver on their promise; while also building a strong customer base through developing and nurturing a strong sales force.

What makes Le-Vel stand out from traditional direct sales companies is their carefully thought-out approach for controlling expenses and investing heavily in product development and manufacturing. This four year old organization has sparked one of the most massive North American health movements with greatly reduced overhead expenses than other similar companies, mainly because of its distinct and proprietary cloud based management system.

The Cloud

The daily operations at Le-Vel are one of a kind because the company has invested in a highly reliable cloud-based infrastructure, which is well acknowledged in the Le-Vel Reviews. This versatile cloud platform eliminates significant overhead costs; thus allowing Le-Vel to then invest more of its resources in its pursuit of high quality product development, as well as to offer an outstanding compensation program which helps to support its growing independent sales force of Brand Promoters. Cloud technology also allows for greater agility, easier business management, instant access to information and data, and a greatly improved overall efficiency in the operation of such a rapidly growing business.


Le-Vel’s signature product line, THRIVE, was specifically designed to assist individuals from all over the world to reach for and achieve premium lifestyles. Consisting of dietary supplements which include superior-quality ingredients, Customers and Brand Promoters alike are clearly seeing positive results thanks to the extensive years of research and testing. THRIVE provides benefits which include weight management, improved cognitive performance, lean muscle support, digestive and immune support, relaxation support, healthy joint function support, better workouts and recovery, more energy and increased vitality, improved mood, and an overall sense of well-being.

The THRIVE Experience

Perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools offered through the company is their THRIVE Experience program which runs for eight weeks. New users are encouraged to commit to the THRIVE Experience in order to see the true power and effectiveness of their amazing product line. The THRIVE Experience catches the attention of new customers by introducing them to the foundational line of products that are now being used by millions of satisfied customers. The foundational line includes a daily premium multivitamin capsule (there are two types: THRIVE | M for men and THRIVE | W for women), which provides the perfect healthy start to any given day. Following up with the THRIVE | Mix, this shake drink is both delicious (coming in either vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors) and packed with fortified nutrients to give the user the perfect start of their day, allowing them to find plenty of moments to thrive and perform rather than survive and get through just another mundane day. Finally, THRIVE | DFT utilizes their proprietary derma fusion technology to provide a reliable and consistent release of nutrients that their body craves for a 24-hour period. Not surprisingly, many participants of the THRIVE Experience report noticeable improvements in both their physical and mental health, often within the first week or two of starting their THRIVE Experience.

Company Culture

Le-Vel Reviews further acclaim that the company has also developed a culture that reinforces a strong sense of family and which allows all Brand Promoters the exciting opportunity to thrive by sharing this incredible and powerful line of premium nutritional products. Brand Promoters are provided the support that they need in order to succeed and reach new heights of personal development, improved health, and financial freedom. By simply sharing their story and Le-Vel’s amazing products, they are able to help others reach or exceed their own personal goals for optimal health and financial freedom. The company never ceases to strive to increase the positive recognition of its brand throughout the United States as well as around the world, thus empowering an increasing number of people and allowing them to enjoy optimal health while living better-quality lives.

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