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Finding Affordable Student Accomodation: Tips and Tricks

Students all over the country are all too familiar with the ongoing struggle to locate affordable student accommodation in time for the start of the new academic year. With rental prices soaring, many students are finding the cost of living difficult to budget into their already-tight student loan allowance.

House shares are a great way of splitting an otherwise expensive rental price per month between several people. Nowadays, more and more landlords set up accommodation aimed at students and will already have the knowledge needed to draw up separate contracts and split the price evenly. Listed below are some handy tips on how best to secure your perfect room for your next academic year.

Plan early

With most university-focussed cities, there are bound to be hundreds or even thousands of students looking to secure a house between them. Planning ahead for your next year will ensure you beat the crowds of students to the best houses or rooms. After all, first come are generally first served!

Looking for a house early on is also an excellent way of making sure you don't settle for a second-rate accommodation after leaving it too late. You will have the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of all properties you view and decide between your group which is best for you.

Cheaper isn't always best

We can't stress this one enough. Whilst you are bound to be looking for the cheapest deal possible, bear in mind that some properties are affordable for a reason. Whether it is an issue with the property itself or maybe even the surrounding area, be sure to check out any suspiciously inexpensive properties prior to signing on the dotted line. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

Know who you're moving in with

Whilst many students choose to share with their friends or former housemates, entering into a house share is definitely a great way to meet new people and make new friends. However, be sure you take some time to get to know the person or people you are moving in with. There is nothing worse than signing a contract to your shiny new room only to find your housemate is a milk-stealing insomniac who likes to play their drum kit at 3:00 in the morning. All you need to do is sit down beforehand and set some ground rules to avoid any confrontations later on.

Be considerate

Remember that you are living in somebody else's house and the landlord has likely put their heart and soul into creating a decent yet affordable student accommodation for you to live in. Whilst the deposit for your new place may seem steep when paying upfront, there's no greater feeling than getting it all back at the end of the year. Just make sure you treat the house as you would like your own house to be treated; maintain the general cleanliness and return it as you found it to avoid any complications later down the line!