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Women's Easy Blow-dry Style Tips from Famous Stylists

Blow-dry Mistakes

There is nothing like a great hairstyle to make or break a polished look. Sometimes, as women, we tend to read a certain article and immediately rush to perfect the tips and tricks. However, there are just some mistakes that are not worth repeating.

  • Do not dry your hair while it is still extremely wet. Towel dry and brush the hair before starting.
  • Volume is added by the roots; use fingers to pull roots upward.
  • By rolling your hair upward, you are missing the point of start. Start at the root and roll down, then back up.
  • Massive amounts of hairspray causes a style to collapse. Even, light distribution is the best way to keep the hairstyle in place.
  • Do not rush, moving hair before it has had time to cool, can cause it not to set.
  • Use the correct product in the correct place. Using a frizz serum while blow-drying will not stop frizz. It goes on before.
  • Short hair requires a small amount of product before blow-drying so that it does not fall flat.
  • Tackle hair in sections, use clips to keep sections separate.
Words of Advice from Famous Hair Stylists
Hydrating Hair

A good hairstylist knows how to handle hair and properly treat it. Most stylists say blow-drying hair out can and will damage hair if not taken care of before and after styling your hair. However, Kerry Joly, ABC's hairstylist, recommends using raw eggs and Puerto Rican rum to hydrate dry, damaged hair.

Blo Blow Dry Bar's David Babaii, says to get hair to grow in a healthier fashion, eat Brazil Nuts. However, Siobhan Quinlan from Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor, states to soak hair in oil and wear it in a bun to let body heat re-hydrate the hair. Lastly, Nelson Chan, celebrity hairstylist, recommends applying a Gotu Kola hair mask to slightly damp hair and then steam during a hot shower for damaged hair to repair itself.

Styling hair can be tough, especially when hair seems to be limp. However, by using the correct method of blow-drying and product, hair can be perfected. Mark Hampton from Toni&Guy once said that mousse was old-fashioned, however, to have a great style, apply to damp hair and blow-dry it for a complete look.

Sleek, smooth hair styles can be absolutely gorgeous. However, a lot of people ruin the style by using the wrong method of blow-drying the hair. Per Cynthia Alvarez, an Ojon stylist, use a small round brush while blow-drying the hair and place into a ponytail for the evening.