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Small Finger Food Ideas for Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding or if you are the person who is getting married then you will certainly want to think about what food you are going to have. The problem is that you might not know what type of food you want and you might not know how you are going to get it all set out on the table either, but this guide should help you to find something suitable and it has never been easier for you to get started either.

Individual Desserts

Try and think about desserts such as cream puffs, petit fours or even fruit tarts. Cupcake wedding muffins are always a treat as well and you would be surprised at how good these taste when they are served alongside a range of other desserts.

Bread Rolls

Another idea that might come in useful is bread rolls and sliced bread pieces. You can put out a selection of jams, butters and cheeses if you want and this is ideal if you are having a traditional wedding and you want to keep things simple.

Sliced Meat

If you want something for the carnivores in the family then you can't go wrong with sliced meat. You could try something like a hog roast or you could just have sliced ham, beef, chicken and more. This is great if you want to make up some sandwiches and your guests can do this all by themselves at the buffet table if you want because there is no wastage when you do it like this.

Popsicle Cocktails

Serving ice cold Popsicle on hot day is an amazing idea. This drink is serving with different versions such as gourmet with some yummy flavours like lavender and orange crème. 

Classy Carnival Food

You can serve all the carnival dishes such as cotton candy, cracker jacks, etc all are dressed upon at single place and this look attractive. Try to serve the complete carnival theme with a popcorn bar for night snack and fresh hot funnel cake cart.

A Childhood Favourite

A dish that is popular among youth and the dish is guaranteed hit because no one expect that small sized cookies and shots of milk also serve in the weeding. Surprisingly everyone has curiosity to taste it and remind your childhood memories when you are celebrating your quality time with your friends. 

But you have to hire some appetizers that just warmed up your food before the cocktail so your guests enjoy your meal and enjoy your weeding.

If you want hog roast catering in Huddersfield then make sure you choose a local provider who can work with you to plan your special day. A local provider will have hog roasts that are suitable for buffets and finger food so you know you can count on them to give you whatever you need.