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Petroleum Wholesale Involves Into No Profit Making Philanthropic Mission

As per the learned environmentalists that to keep up healthy and well-balanced ecosystem as protection of environment by taking proper measures is important, equally this applies to all creature lives. Regardless of the kind of creatures living in the air, land or in the water, for everyone existence is important because each living thing has certain contribution in environmental wellness. With this fact, when you find that in many researches it has been exposed that millions of animal lives varying from the pet animals to the oversized ones are not protected or are in danger, then this must make you alert of being a well-informed human being. None of humans can deny their bare minimum obligations to preserve this beautiful planet in good shape. 

Impressing point indeed, that for the last couple of years, from Non-profit trusts, societies to individuals like corporate business managers, top executives are found involving them in many humanitarian activities where protection of animal lives are especially considered. You will be further impressed to learn that in this direction only the foremost project in the US has been undertaken by a leading fuel distribution company Petroleum Wholesale in Texas. The privately held established American company has undertaken a massive project work for sheltering the neglected, helpless, abused animal lives. For this, the Woodlands, TX based community has developed an area measuring 10 acre land equipping it with all necessities to safe living of animal lives. The area is well protected with fencing and the project is named as Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue. 

Petroleum Wholesale LP is an extremely distinguished business community which has been serving the nation for more than 45 years as a dependable commercial grade fuel distribution house. With a highly strong distribution network spread across 9 states, the group supplies premium stand petroleum fuel to its more than 100 channel associates scattered over the country. The animal protection mission undertaken by Petroleum Wholesale LP group has been tremendously appreciated from all corners of the world. From public authorities to non-profit societies and big business personalities are also providing advocacy and donating generously to outfit this great endeavor. 

Meanwhile, the community has also purchased a landed area of 300 acres. As planned, this is going to be developed exclusively as a safety shelter cum rehabilitation center for oversized animals. This area is situated in Leon Country. In earlier phase, the fuel supplying company was very much involved in different animal adoption and rescuing programs in varied parts in America. The official inauguration of Conroe project has received wholehearted appreciation from all corners of the world. Rainbow Bride Animal Rescue project is expected to shelter more than 700 animals comfortably. A team has been developed to take care of these animals with updated treatment facilities. 

All housing arrangements are done from experts from zoological fields. As per the community’s appeal to everyone that those who wise to provide proper shelter and nourishment to their animals or pets in Rainbow Bride Animal Rescue project can get in touch with the community people in TX. This is a sincere project of Petroleum Wholesale and has been a no-profit making endeavor.