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How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Living Room

My experience of staying PG in Delhi has taught me if your room is dull, you will never find the mental peace you’re looking for after the busiest day. The walls of that room were pale yellow and at rainy day, the room looked so gloomy that I preferred to drench in water outside (which I never prefer for my tonsil problem) than sitting inside with my favorite book.

Therefore, when I planned to build my own house I was very much alert about the use of colors, especially about the living room as this is the most exposed portion of your house to build a positive impression on your guests.

Choosing Right Color is Important

Color is related to your psychology. The color you’re going to choose for your living room will show your mood and personality. But, we often underestimate the truth of colors and pick a random color from the color palate for our living room or bed room. Dump this habit and decorate your house in a way which can tell your story.

How to Pick the Right Color?

Start Small- Maybe you’re not sure how to and where to begin. Before applying the color to the whole room, color one pillar of your living room. See how it is looking. If you like the shade, go on with it. If not, change it. Interior decorators suggest picking a color from the furniture, artwork, rug, accessories or whatever you have in your living room or residential flats in gurgaon.

Color according to Your Mood- While I was staying as paying guest in Delhi, I realized how dull colors snatch all your energies and make you numb, sometime. So, while picking color, consider the mood of yours and the room. The place must be for gathering socially. A formal ambience will go well. Pick shades of blue to bring the formal yet warmer atmosphere.

Lighting is Very Important- You must have seen that the paint stores also offer you light boxes. You should test how the color looks at different lighting arrangement-
  • The true color can be shown at natural daylight
  • Yellow and the warmth of other colors comes out at incandescent lighting
  • Fluorescent light gives a sharp bluish tone
So, if you’re planning to paint a wall with bright color, it will overpower the room if the wall is adjacent a large window. On the other hand, you can use the same color at the wall where it gets indirect light.

Know Colors Well- Knowing color terms is very important to choose the perfect color from the palette.
  • Hue means original color, not any shades of it. Red and royal blue are example of hues.
  • Saturation indicates the dominating power of hue. For example, if you choose pink, that is less saturated version of red.
  • Intensity means the brilliance of color. It stands for the more dominance power of a single hue than any combined color like yellow and green.