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How is Reshape Medical Balloon Used in Weight Loss Surgery?

In the last 20 years, we have seen a large number of different surgical solutions for beating obesity and its side effects. Gastric balloons, Reshape medical balloons, and LAP-BANDs are some of the instances of the same. With these reshape device and procedures, the complication rates have fallen from 12% of patients to 10%, and the mortality rate has also dropped from 0.28% to 0.20%.

What is Reshape Balloon?

Reshape device is a double balloon, which is inserted into the patient’s stomach and filled with saline for around 6 months. Reshape medical balloons and surgical procedures actually help obese patients who fail to shed weight by using the traditional diet and exercise plan. Reshape devices are also helpful for severely obese people who are too young to undergo complicated surgeries. These reshape balloon system can easily cater to the needs individuals who seek for a genuine weight loss treatment.

A reshape balloon system is generally inserted down a patient’s mouth using a tube before being expanded with saline. Once the insertion is complete, these balloons are filled with saline and the patients will soon feel full and will naturally be capable of reducing their meal portions and lose weight. Most interestingly, when the optimal result is achieved, this reshape balloon devices can be easily deflated and removed from the stomach without any need of surgery.

How does it Work in Weight-Loss?

It is undeniable that the reshape device and procedure can essentially help patients who are young and suffer from severe health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, muscle problems to lose those extra body fats through the traditional diet and exercise plan. It is true that there are some potential health risks and complications associated with any weight loss surgical procedure. This is the reason why potential patients seeking for reshape device and procedure should always have their weight loss surgery performed by a trusted medical staff or a reputed weight loss surgical center.

Before choosing a weight-loss surgical center, the potential patient should also inquire about their surgeon’s success rates with similar weight loss surgery and listen to the feedback of the patients that undergo similar treatment in the past. Furthermore, the success of a patient’s weight loss surgery procedure may also be impacted by the quality of post-surgery care and counseling provided by their Reshape duo balloon facility. You can also learn more about the reshape device and procedure by simply researching online.

Post-Surgery Diet and Exercise:

Just like any other weight-loss surgery, the success of Reshape balloon procedure also depends on the effective post-surgery diet and exercise plan. Patients with the physical ability are advised to exercise after weight-loss surgery since this increases the chances of meeting their weighty-loss goals more quickly. Literally, to maintain weight loss achieved by the Reshape balloon procedure, both exercise and healthy diet plan must become an integral and important parts of patients lifestyle. The ability to be strongly committed to the suggested dietary guidelines, exercise plans, and any other post-surgery care recommended by the surgeons is important for both short-term and long-term weight loss.