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Current Scenario of ESL Teaching Industry in China

The newest generation of China is virtually obsessed about educating their children with the core lesson on The English language. With this, personnel with right qualification and experience can command high wages, working visas and worriless contracts. However, the scenario was not same even before a decade ago but within a few years, things have changed dramatically, and the practice of hiring has altered as well.

Even before 10 years ago, only one-fifth of the total China’s population used to study English and now the surge of learning English have drenched almost everyone.

The Reason behind the Growing Number of ESL Jobs in China 
Now as an impact of this rapid changes China welcomes more and more native English-speaking candidates for attaining teaching positions in China. Though quite later, but they have at last realized the fact that without appropriate skill over this internationally-acknowledged language it is nearly impossible to keep pace with the constantly-evaluating global economy, specifically, when the people of western countries control the whole affairs of the global economy.

Present Picture of ESL job Market in China 
Over 50,000 private language schools have already established in the country, among which individual family is operating a large number of schools and others are being operated and expanded like large-chain business. It is presumed that the ESL jobs will increase within the next few years. For attracting foreign teachers, the schools have increased wages and offering more and more benefits adhering to the Government rules and regulations.

Public Schools Are Also After the Craze
The situation is also changing in public schools as well; students now need to study English from age nine in place of twelve and student of larger cities needs to start it even much earlier. The ESL schools were actually established to teach and improve the English speaking and writing skill of the adults, but now parents are even willing to spend handsome amount of money for educating their child. Even ESL teaching classes are also being developed aiming the preschoolers and the toddlers and the concept is slowly yet steadily rising.

Today more and more Chinese students are heading towards western countries for accomplishing their higher study. For that reason the government is putting an effort in appointing SAT, ACT and TOEFL qualified teachers for imparting the student right and proper knowledge of English. Rules are already ascribed in larger cities and gradually it will be workable across the country.

Last Word
Though it’s quite whimsical, but often the status of the foreign teachers becomes more significant than the learning process. Parents desire to brag over the fact that their little one is learning from a native English speaking teachers. They assume learning directly from the native speakers will grow the skill of speaking and writing prominently. However, their craze for learning English has increased the scope of availing jobs for foreigners in China.