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Common factors which leads to obesity

While you might be already aware of the fact that in present times obesity is on the rise, more than ever. You might also want to know that what exactly causes a person to become obese. By knowing these you can effectively check obesity and hence can direct yourself towards a healthier lifestyle.

Key factors triggering obesity:

i.       Nowadays, foods are typically much more than just a couple of refined ingredients mixed with chemicals. According to the New York Bariatric Group blog, these edibles are far from being healthy. In fact these are engineered so as to be tasty and inexpensive at the same time. Most of what you think as edibles are not food items at all but are highly engineered products which are made to taste irresistible with certain chemicals. And these makes one feel that one can’t simply get enough of it. Edibles like these triggers obesity and hence should be strictly avoided.

ii.      According to studies, obesity can very well root from one’s genes. And in that case it is only more tough to stop it. One has to resort for surgery then which is a sure shot solution. Survey says that the next generation of lean parents are much less likely to become obese than that of the off-springs of obese parents.

iii.     Too much of insulin intake can cause a person to become obese. This is as because one of the major functions of insulin is to convey to the fat cells to store even more fat and also to keep the fat that they are already carrying. And you need to keep in mind that insulin is very important as a hormone. It helps to regulate energy storage apart from many other functions. A typical western diet can trigger insulin resistance in most of the individuals, thereby raising the insulin levels in one’s body. This makes the energy unusable by storing these in the fat cells rather than being available for use. One good way to cut off the insulin level is by lowering your intake of carbohydrates. This results in an almost effortless weight loss by automatic reduction in the calorie intake.

iv.    There are many medicinal drugs out there which causes one to gain weight as a side effect. Therefore, this can be immensely problematic if you are unaware of the medicine which is causing you to gain those extra pounds. Normally certain kind of medicines often causes this, particularly the antidepressants, diabetes medications and also the antipsychotics. These drugs prompts the brain and the body to store fat instead of just burning it. Hence these medicines should be consumed wisely.

You can learn more about obesity from the New York Bariatric group blog and be aware about the same.