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Researches over curcumin show that curcumin is a highly pleiotropic molecule. Its versatility and multifunctional effects are justified as it works on 160 different pathways of the human body.Being as Safe & Effective that USFDA has kept Curcumin in GRAS (Generally recognized as safe).
As a potent self-Nano Emulsifying curcumin SNEC 30 is being promoted in vivid field of applications with no side effects

 1. Oncology
2. Orthopedics
3. Internal medicine
4. Obstetrics
5. Endocrinology

1.       ONCOLOGY
Researches proves that Curcumin works on various stages of cancer by
Ø  Inhibition of Carcinogenesis: Curcumin as SNEC 30 (Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin 30 mg) acts as inhibitor by acting on NF-κB cells, tumor Suppressor gene.
Ø  Inhibition of Proliferation: Curcumin as SNEC 30 inhibit proliferation of cancerous cell by acting on IκB-alpha, Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, and Cyclin D1& Interleukin 6.
Ø  Induces Apoptosis: by acting on caspase -8 & caspase -3 pathway
Ø  Suppressing tumor Metastasis: SNEC 30 as Self Nano Emulsifying curcumin restrict the movement of cancerous cell from one body part to other parts of the body.
Ø  SNEC 30 as Curcumin treatment eliminates chemoresistant cancers by sensitizing these tumors to chemotherapy & radiation by increasing the rate of Apoptosis.
Ø  SNEC 30 as Curcumin enhancesthe efficacy of radiation & at the same time protect normal cells against harmful effects of radiation

Research shows that curcumin reduces pain & inflammation as well as improves overall Musclo- skeletal health
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin reduces pain & inflammation by acting on Arachidonic Acid Pathway
·         In a Research 1200mg dose of Ibuprofen & 1500mg dose of Curcumin in severe pain of arthritis for four weeks result shows that Curcumin is more effective & safe in pain
·         Curcumin being safe shows less side effect as kidney damage, liver damage, GI upset/acidity
Curcumin helps to bring our whole in discipline by acting on body cells which not only enhance the immunity of the body but also boost the body.
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin also acts as a Antioxidant as a scavenger of superoxide.
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin also abolishes both PMA & induced ROS (Reactive oxygen Species) generation of cell.
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin also helps to augment the dosage of Antibiotics
·         SNEC 30 as curcumin also acts as an antihistaminic, antiviral, and Antifungal.
·         Curcumin is also helpful in recurrent fever, Bronchospasm, Anti-inflammatory by acting on Arachidonic Pathway

·         SNEC 30 as curcumin provides relief from post-delivery trauma, multiple internal wounds, Backache.
·         SNEC 30 as curcumin helps in balancing hormonal imbalance when body is tring to come back to normal
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin also helps to combat Breast cancer by acting on targeted destruction of cancer cell & cell cycle
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin is also helps in abolition of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) oncogene expression which is responsible for cervical cancer

5.       ENDOCRINE
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin is helpful in diabetes patients by slowing down breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar molecule which pushes blood glucose level
·         SNEC 30 as Curcumin also stabilizes secretion of thyroid by acting on thyroid Gland